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Theta Dreadnaught as a two channel amp
6 years later and I'm resurrecting this thread...Years ago I changed from the Legacy Focus 20/20s to the Legacy Whisper. Since the posts above I went from the Dreadnaught as two channel amp, to a McIntosh MC-352, to a Krell FPB-300c, and finally t... 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
Curious - "a jump in performance" but no one has seen or heard them yet...they could be, but how can you say this right now? 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
The Compli Blu is based on the 83. They completely replaced the power supply, the whole chassis, the front display/control board, relocated and mounted the drive unit, and some other stuff. The analog section seems to be untouched, but Theta calls... 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
I too have a Compli Blu here and am pretty impressed. I also have a NuForce BDP-83SE as well. Go here for an initial write up and photos:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1168890&page=10As you will see, the power supply and chass... 
Any suggestions for amp for Legacy Whisper XD
I'd think twice about Bryston until you speak to Legacy about the demands the speaker will put on the amp, particularly the impedance. I started with Brystons (3s and 4s - I can't remember specifically, but they weren't the current crop of SSTs) o... 
Preamps w/HT BYPASS that works when preamp is OFF.
I'm the one (maybe even the only one) who's done the HT bypass on the Gill Alana. Gill Audio can tailor the Alana to have Balanced and/or Single ended inputs and/or outputs for anything you want by using high end transformers for the conversion SE... 
Help me decide on cryo option.
You can also try Applied Cryogenics. They are very cost effective, careful & thorough. They make the cryo units so they know what they're doing. 
Any experience with Gill/Art Audio Alana preamp
I have an Alana ahead of Theta Enterprise mono amps. By far this was the best preamp I ever heard even before being custom tailored to the amps. Customer service is second to none too. I'd happily demo to anyone in the area if schedules permit.I'd... 
Shipping Preparation for SACD Player
I mentioned in another thread the use of swimming pool noodles for packing heavier items. It's cheap and keeps it's shape after multiple impacts. 
Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 spikes
Maybe some audiopoints? Call legacy and ask them. They are very helpful. The construction of the bottom may be as thick as 1.5" - I don't know for sure though. 
Preamp match to Theta Enterprise amps?
Oh, I forgot to mention that I too am using Enterprises. 
Preamp match to Theta Enterprise amps?
I am using a Gill Audio Alana that David Gill/Joe Fratus went through and upgraded for me. But even before they did their work on it, it blew me away in that it sounded so non-electronic/real. I had demo'd quite a few pre-amps and this one was the... 
Top two channel pre w/HT passthrough XLR best
I agree with Mariusz - that might be time well spent that would keep you from second guessing your decisions. 
Top two channel pre w/HT passthrough XLR best
Sorry - double-post while editing due to computer glitch...somehow...kinda scratching my head how it happened. 
Top two channel pre w/HT passthrough XLR best
I have the very same demands as you - 2 channel preference in a multi-channel/HT set up that the wife/kids need to operate easily without my guidance.I went through many pre-amps and settled on a Gill Audio Alana (a tube unit). It just blew me awa...