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Rolling Stone Garcia special issue
Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered it. 
Personal speaker evolution
Proac 1.5Avalon OpusPiega P-10Piega C-8Kharma 3.2Marten ColtranesMarten BirdsInnersound KayasEvolution Acoustics MM2 
Where to buy metal grills for custom cabinet door?
You can try to find the metal grills that are used for radiator enclosures. They come in many different designs, and obviously designed to ventilate. 
Best amplifier for CLX
I have a tube amp for sale that was designed by Innersound to run electrostatic panels, which it is superb at doing. If you are interested, please pm me, and I can tell you more. 
Solid State Amp repair in NYC area?
Ben Jacoby of High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn.Great work, really nice guy 
How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?
I did have 2 amps, and I divided them and the rest of my system between the 2 Premiers. The results were excellent, with the exception of the fan noise, which was very loud. I ended up buying 2 computer fans, and placing each one under the Premier... 
Innersound ESL XA200 Active Crossover / Power Amp?
The two separate pieces are the newer vision using a digital crossover, and an amplifier. Before the digital crossover, he was using an electronic crossover which was combined in the same chasis as the amp. I think this is what the OP has. I'm not... 
How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?
The Power Plant Premier can't handle 2 amplifiers. I used two premiers, then I switched to the P10, which easily handles an entire system, with no fan noise.Highly recommended. 
How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?
A PS Audio P-10 power regenerator would be a very good solution to your problem. 
Boz Scaggs
Check out an earlier album - Come on Home.Fantastic music really well recorded. 
Sanders 10c Owners
CurriemtI had heard about the amp, which was called the itube, but there were only a few made, and none to be found. The designer began marketing them under the brand name western reserve. There is actually a review of it on Six Moons.I contacted ... 
Sanders 10c Owners
I have the Innersound Kayas, which were designed by Roger, and in many ways are very similar to his current speakers. For the panels I am using a tube amp that was designed for these speakers, but barely made it to market before Innersound closed.... 
What is the best Preamp+Power Amp for Proac K6 ?
Check out the EAR 868 preamp and the 890 amp.EAR and Proac are a fantastic combination. 
What's up with ads for $70,000 speakers selling
I noticed the same thing, and started a thread regarding this, but Audiogon wouldn't post it. I do think that this used to be a smaller, tight knit community then it is now. These kinds of bogus ads were found on eBay, but never here. Unfortunatel... 
Best power match with Sonus Extrema ?
A friend uses the Lamm 2.2 hybrid mono blocks.Beautiful system.