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Turntable platforms
 I use Minus K under my turntable and tube amps, they work well, no pumps and hoses to deal with, just science. I think they have a new model which is thinner in profile, yet does as good a job as the taller units such as I have. My Turntable is a... 
Why do these Zyx Fuji and Airy 3 have such a dark sound?
I wanted to mention one more variable, I have thought in the past that a cart was either bright or dark, by changing the mounting plate from brass to aluminum, the openness, detail, weigh has certainly changed. So tonearm mass, or how close the we... 
Who has heard the new Pass XA25?
Any idea which Pre-amp was being used in the review?  
Technician to review my Marantz Monos 
Turntable and Rack vibration control
I think Minus K isolation would help tremendously, not cheat but very effective and no compressor needed. 
Pass Labs XA30.8 vs dual F6 bi-amped
Reno Hi-Fi will send you one, no? 
Spu bottom parallel to record?
Btw. How are people loading this cart and how much gain? Thanks,Cr 
Audio Desk & it's service
I've cleaned about 400 records, it's a wonderful machine, easy and effective. I had a VPI 16.5, used steam and all that, I have re-cleanedeverything, will never go back. I dare say, new records are also helped by the US cleaner. Bought it through ... 
Jolida amp repair in and around San Francisco
True Sound, Scott Frankland in San Jose or L & M Services on Geneva Ave. 
Most suitable and effective isolation platform
Minus K is very simple, effective and made in the US. No need for air-compressors, no fuss, no leaks. I have one under a 100 lbs Plinth, it's great, I hear more detail and no feedback from the floor. Cr 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
Hello,Snopro, did George ever get a chance to measure your amp?Thanks,CR 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
Charles,Not problems but perhaps shortened tube life? C 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
As a fellow Coincident Frank mk2 owner, I'm a bit conserved for My regular EML 300b tubes, I mean, should we consider only using 300b XL type tubes from now on? 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
Hello,I think all turntables benefit from isolation, I included it in my description only to give him fuller detail as to how I dealt with my plinth. When I heard the OMA plinth in their system before purchasing, they did not have it isolated in a... 
Joule Electra Amp Repair
Scott frankland in San Jose is great