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Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.
I own the Clearaudio Double Matrix Sonic Pro. It is extremely good. Not inexpensive. But the best!  
Measurement Bias
I’m not a measurement believer. Have several systems and I have built them solely on what I enjoy hearing. Tone, separation, depth and clarity.  
Long run XLR cables
The Iconoclast XLR are excellent. I have a 21 FT run going from my Clearaudio Master table and Sim Audio 810 phono preamp to my AR Ref 10 and love them! Believe I paid $3100 for the pair. This is their best interconnect. Stunning quality and great... 
I keep being reminded of how much power cords mater
Bad power cables leads to bad sound  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I usually get that question after they see the system or after viewing a picture. I give a range of spend   
Balanced vs. Single Ended Interconnects
Without question balanced XLR  
New Rega P10 setup
Get the Apheta 3 now. In my opinion big upgrade over tweaking of a Linn  
Jay, cdt2
My only advice is to message Jays and ask where to purchase. I was under the impression that a direct purchase from them was possible. I would also consider the  Mark III and the Ayon CD-T transport  
An electrical engineer on how power cables can impact sound quality
I don’t need an engineer to tell me what I hear. From the outlet forward, clean power is the most important part of any system. A combination of quality power cables and power conditioning is critical. Period.       
any thoughts?
Buy the AudioLab   
I need help regarding tube phono preamplifiers
Luxman eq-500 will beat the pants off of any of those listed.   
Room Ceiling Height for 2 channel listening - is taller always better?
Agree with Millercarbon. Hardwood is not only on my floors but also on my ceiling. Vinyl wrapped walls and insulated drywall.   
Science that explains why we hear differences in cables?
Anyone who thinks cables, interconnects and power cords don’t make a difference is either deaf or can hear but refuses to “listen”.OR doesn’t want to or cannot pay for the difference. And not all things that cost more make a substantial difference... 
DAC - DCS Bartok or the new Berkeley Alpha DAC 3
Accountants don’t make for good audiophiles :)as for a streamer / DAC, would take the SimAudio 780D over anything mentioned thus far.  
CD player choices