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Help settle a streaming argument!
I have a fantastic DAC (Denafrips Terminator II) I upgraded from a nice Bluesound Node to am Innuos Zen Mk3 Streamer. I'm not as knowledgeable or technically gifted in terms of describing what I am hearing as a lot of the vets on this forum by a l... 
Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?
Plus 1 on the Legacy Audio Focus SE. I run them with a SS Luxman 509X They are the "OMG my life has just changed for the better" speaker IMO   
Shifting center image and recommendations on an approach
My room is similar in size / layout to yours. Looks great by the way!  I currently have a set of Focal 948's which were difficult for me to find the ideal placement for best soundstage and center imaging. After hours of adjustments I found that 1-... 
Has anyone paired Luxman L-509X Integrated with Legacy Focus SE's?
Just pulled the trigger on a set of Legacy Focus SE's (with the upgraded midrange drivers) and will be using my Luxman 509X. Big step for me, upgrading from my Focal Aries 948s (which will be up for sale soon) I will report back!!  
Adding Subs to a 2 channel system. Wiring advise
Thank You very much!! Great Info, and yes indeed I will set the crossover much lower as you said. Your opinion of the SVS 2000 Pro? Thinking a set of these may be the easiest to "tune" with the App.   
Adding Subs to a 2 channel system. Wiring advise
Thank You Soix! Appreciate the suggestion. I am very new and not as educated as I should be with the whole subject of subwoofers. The reason I was considering the PSB is for the High Level input and Output feature, so (if I'm understanding what I'... 
Experience with applying Kilmat to Cornwall IV Horns?
Thank You all for the great advice!! I will hold off for now as the more / longer I listen to these the better they sound.   
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
I have the Zen Mk3 and the Denafrips Pontus II DAC, I think the Zen Mk3 is definitely worth the $$. By the time you buy the Mini, and the LPS upgrade, you have almost spent enough to go to the Zen. Only reason to do the Mini IMO would be if you we... 
Offline Music Storage & Playback Recommendations
mijostyn: Great advise! I will look into that. I have a great way to do what you mentioned.   
Offline Music Storage & Playback Options
Rockrider: When the internet service (local wireless company) is working its actually OK, issue is it does not work even 70% of the time at all. and it will go on and off multiple times in any given evening. Its just very unreliable and none of th... 
Too many choices for R2R DACS--opinions appreciated
Plus 1 for the Denafrips DAC's I started out with an Aries II.. Absolutely wonderful DAC for the $$. I just upgraded to the Pontus II and cant wait to add it to my system. They seem to offer some of the best products IMO.    
Cornwall IV speaker placement guidance
Irish Whiskey. Can't afford the good Scotch after buying these for a few months! LOL  
Cornwall IV speaker placement guidance
Thanks everyone for the advice and feedback! I just finished a 2 hour session after towing them out to the center rear of the 2 seat listening position and pulled them out to 12" from front and side walls. significant improvement in the 2 person l... 
Cornwall IV speaker placement guidance
Thanks! I added a pic of my listening chairs to my profile. That is the other Challenge I suppose. I know the "perfect" audio system has one chair or sweet spot, and I get that 100%, but in reality I am often listening with another person, so I se... 
Cornwall IV speaker placement guidance
Thank You All! I will leave them in place (Maybe re-measure and make sure they are out at least a foot from the side wall and back wall?)  until full break-in (likely another 100-200 hours I am hearing) and make minor toe in adjustments as time go...