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Hey, if it doesn’t work and they don’t respond in a timely manner, it’s $75...move on. You are posting on a high end audio forum that currently has 2 power cords on the front page for sale for $3200 and $7000....where a new Jazz 180g LP averages $... 
New Orleans, La.
We have a group that meets regularly--usually at my cell # is still the same as above...504-906-6854Feel free to contact me for details...Pepe 
Anyone receive Focal Utopia speakers with defects?
Man, I wish every one of my customers were as nice and patient as you!I have a pair of Alto Utopias and will only get rid of them to go up the line (bigger).Enjoy! 
How Much Does Your Favorite Band Cost? "Phish"?List incomplete. 
Walking Into A Brick & Mortar High End Audio Store
I went into my local Audi dealership just to "kick the tires"--sorta see what's out there. Had no intention of buying a new ride. On the showroom floor was the new model (back in 2011) A7.Long story short...I traded the Bimmer two weeks later for ... 
Peachtree vs Rogue Integrated
I am using the Nova Pre and 220 combo with Maggie 1.7s in a system in my office. The Maggie's are hungry, but the 220 provides enough power. I tend to listen at high levels at times too.They seem to be a fairly good match. I use a vinyl as well as... 
Spade connection size for McIntosh MC2155 Amp
I have a little wooden block made by Cardas with six inch leaders with small spades on one side and 4 multiple way binding posts on the block for exactly this use. I believe it ran about $100 or so a few years ago. I use it with an old MC2105 in t... 
Any experience with Arc ref75 driving magnepans
I will preface this by saying that I listen at high volumes sometimes. That being said, I bought a pair of Maggie 3.7 six months ago as something to play around with (the everyday speaks being Focal Alto Utopias).WOW!!!....the 3.7s have me burying... 
Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?
...many of the responses here seem to come from audio snobs that are still concerned that their audio peers will question their "audio stature" if they dare buy such "pedestrian" gear...insecure and sad. Pepe 
New Orleans, La.
Call me at 504-906-6854. Pepe 
Car Audio Speakers
McIntosh has a full line of power amps...visit their web site. They even have the "blue eyes"!! 
Think you know analog?
Someone owes me 10 minutes of my life back after having watched that. He is giving a seminar on turntable features and he doesnt even know what the features and settings are. He just makes crap up. He must scratch part time while he is working on ... 
Anyone Bound for the Fest in New Orleans,,,?
I will be there for Thursday through Sunday. Pepe 
What amps use the KT120 tubes?
Ayon Orthos mk2. 
Any "Deadhead" audiophiles out there to help
Try the Kimber Kable PBJ cables. They have been in production for something like twenty plus years and have not changed. They are also reasonably priced. Also, check out McIntosh's website. There is a video of an interview with Bob Weir for Mac ge...