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Your "eureka" analog moment
 I've had several. As far as equipment is concerned, the latest ones were when I switched a rega (300) tonearm out for an older Victor tonearm (about 2 years ago). Had it again switching that tonearm out (last month) for a Pole Star. As far as alb... 
Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved
ncarvIt sounds like we enjoyed some of the same concerts. I saw the Grateful Dead many times however was only fortunate enough to see Belew once with King Crimson. Note that Bardo Pond is very creative but different than both of those bands. My fa... 
Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
Grateful Dead- Tennessee JedDoors- Blood on the streetsWilco- Via ChicagoMy Morning Jacket- Gideon  
Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved
To answer ghosthouse; boxer12, what's an album from Dylan's rock-a-billy period? It started with "Love and Theft" and apparently (?) ended (to early to tell) with "Tempest". Good stuff, IMO has a rock-a-billy feel style to it.   
Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved
Fleetwood Mac before Stevie NicksGrateful Dead with Pig PenAdrian Belew's musicBardo Pond (great band)Bob Dylan's rock-a-billy period 
Rock with strings
Grateful Dead / Terrapin StationNico / Desert ShoreKing Crimson / Any of there early releases 
Turntable for life
Mine was custom built. The table itself was made from 12" dia. aluminum bar stock... Platter is 4" thick & plinth is 2" thick. The flywheel was made from 3.5" aluminum bar stock. Bearings were hand lapped & made of brass / hardened steel. ...