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why do companies charge double for xlr cables?
Why do they charge double?Because they can... 
tube pre amp with tube / SS /hybrid power amp ?
You are pretty much describing Blue Circle gear. Most all the preamps are tube and most all of the amplifiers are hybrid. 
What is the benefit of a good transport?
So if the DAC really solves the problems, then all you would need is a $30 DVD player from Walmart as a transport. 
What is the benefit of a good transport?
As a non digital expert (not an engineer), how would a DAC know that the signal it receives needs to be re-clocked? I can imagine a transport doing that, since it is reading the source material. 
A packing solution for Audiogonitis carriers
The problem with peanuts is not really the peanuts per se, but more likely that the box the shipper is using is too small. You really need at least 6-8 inches of peanuts between the item and the outer box, if the item is fairly heavy.But you are a... 
A packing solution for Audiogonitis carriers
Thanks, I will check out the noodles.I have always used bubble wrap, then peanuts if I don't have the original packing. 
What's wrong with my DVD player?
Warren, I would not blame yourself. Sounds like a glitch with the player (all of them). There is no reason it should do that. 
What's wrong with my DVD player?
I agree with Sugarbrie that it sounds like it could possibly be overheating.Don't assume it is not just because it sounds too simple.I also agree that burned DVDRs can also be harder to read if some players get too hot.The second link about a Pion... 
What is the BEST phono stage
There are likely to be many contenders.Hot off the presses; just released. 
Good Digital cable RCA , suggestion
Budget? 75 or 110 ohm? 
Devore Super 8 speakers with WHAT cable? statement is false... a used pair is still $200 more than his budget. And that assumes he only needs 2.5 meters and wants someone's old cables.Those BC92 cables are actually $500 as well (new), but within his budget used. The Blue Circl... 
Devore Super 8 speakers with WHAT cable?
Oh come on people. The guy's budget is $250.The Auditorium 23 are $880 for an 8 foot pair. 
power cord for electrostatic speaker
A lot of people with Martin Logan speakers use Blue Circle power cords. BC's Gilbert Yeung is also an ML owner.The BC62 power cord is a good choice, but if you really want the ultimate, take a look at the BC68 filtered power cord, which was design... 
Which "Kind of Blue". I'm so confused
That is an interesting dilemma. This is one of the most famous jazz recordings ever. The recording at the wrong speed is the one that made it famous. If it ain't broke don't fix it.By fixing it they have basically slightly changed the tempi and th... 
What would you upgrade next ??
Eldartford..People like Mabonn are coming here to AudiogoN for answers.All you are doing is posing more questions that have nothing to do with the Mabonn's question.All this does is focus the attention on you unjustifiably.This is also what a poli...