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Von Schweikert VR4SR MK2 any good?
Thanks for the input! Seems people either love them or hate them. I was really hoping they would be an upgrade from the 10T’s. What do you guys think a mint pair is worth?  
Best sub for music,
I love subs in my system! I’m currently running two JL Audio F113 Fathoms in stereo using balanced cables running from my Ayre preamp. When setup and tuned correctly they sound amazing! They work very well with my Egglestonworks Andra II’s.  
Amp repair cost — is this right?
Krell quoted me $1200 per amp to have my FPB 350’s done. These manufacturers get top dollar for sure! 😝 
I know this is an old post but I have a pair of JC1 monos that are about 2 years old and the exact same thing happened! Listening to music at low volume and turned it up a little bit and POP!! Like a firecracker and smoke! It was the exact same th... 
Parasound JC-1 - How old is too old?
So how does the JC5 compare to the JC1? 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
@georgehifi i just read your link again on the recap and I think it’s 5 hours per mono block. Also mine is jus a regular M not the X version. The M is probably easier!  
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
@georgehifi Will definitely have better caps put in! You really think it’s only a couple hours labor per amp? That would mean Krell is charging me over $500 an hour. Krell also told me it’s a huge improvement when these are recapped.  
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
@gdnrbobI would love the Ayre mono blocks but can’t dump that kind of money on amps right now. The VX-5 I could swing but not sure if it is a better amp then my Krell monos.   
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
I think I will have Krell do the recap! Just got a bid from Steven at The Service Department and he wants $2,000 a piece! That seems absurd to me! Having Krell do it is a bargain compared to him! Lol! I’ll also give George Meyer a call and see wha... 
Best Integrated Amp $1-2k range
I’d go with Krell or Musical fidelity integrated amps! Both can be had in that price range and are hard to beat used!  
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
Yeah, I probably will bend over and send them in! Krell used to do 25% off there legacy amp rebuild program at Christmas but I guess the current management has no plans to do that again. I was going to have it done as a present to myself this year... 
Smooth sounding integrated
Check out the older Krell integrated amplifiers! They go for around a grand!  
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
I’m in the Northwest! What modern amps would compare to the big old school class A stuff. If I do have the FPB’s rebuilt I will never get rid of them. I wish there were some factory certified techs on this side of the country.  
What’s a good preamp to run with Krell FPB 350m monos that has 2 pairs of balanced outs
Picked up an Ayre K1xe and it’s an amazing combination! Better then I expected! The volume control on it is a work of art! 😃 
Looking for some recommendations about preamp options
I second the Ayre K-1xe! I just purchased one and it is the best preamp I’ve ever heard and I’ve had lots of them! It is much better the the Audio Research! I’ve owned the LS and a reference!