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Were you naughty or nice? What did Santa bring you! Audio related only please!
A pair of Bowers and Wilkins 802D3. 
Led Zeppelin in Hi-rez
I agree the high rez files sound great. 
What's the greatest bargain in DAC's these days?
I think the QB-9 DSD has great price/performance. 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
Transparent High Performance Power Link
So, a few years later...I did end up putting Premium Power Links on both my Bryston headphone amplifier and Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC and it made a huge improvement. There is a lot more slam and punch but at the same time everything sounds smoother and le... 
Does hard drive noise in your PC color affect SQ?
First, based on reports from a friend of mine with decades of high end experience at the reference level, the sotm sata filters do provide a nice improvement for the money.Based on personal experience, a SSD for the operating system is preferable ... 
Power Cords - Just Say Yes
Been down this road with my dad's system. High end dCS digital stuff, B&W 802 speakers, Transparent Reference level interconnect, power conditioners, the works. One of the more recent changes me made was add a Transparent PLMM with MM1 technol... 
USB Length, jitter and Volume Control Questions
I use a 3 meter USB cable with my Ayre QB-9 and the results are great.As for volume control, you absolutely want your volume control at 100 or 0db. Otherwise, the computer is doing math that compromises the sound. 
Seeking adv for pc audio set up for Passlabs amps
I just bought the USB Ayre QB-9. This is the DAC you want unless you can afford dCS gear. 
Anything like the Ayre CX-7e but with digital in?
There is a new Ayre universal player coming out that will have a USB input. 
I just had this in my house for two days and it was incredible. You really need 4GB ram on your computer though or it glitches. 
Been listening to The Beatles ...
The Stereo set is actually worthy of a true audiophile rig. 
In my experience, FLAC is the one that sounds just like Wav/AIFF. Apple Lossless has "a sound" that I can detect. I think FLAC is the best lossless format but, of course, iTunes doesn't recognize it. AIFF is the best overall choice because it has ... 
Would an external DAC be of any benefit to me?
Yes. Use RCA SPDIF if possible. Most of mankind would benefit from a better DAC. 
B&W Speakers
It is just a question of whether you can accommodate the larger footprint of the 804 or 803. The 805 is a fantastic speaker, but lets face it, it is a monitor/bookshelf dweller that is seriously lacking in bass. It is a small speaker, and it just ...