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Review: Wadia S7i ( an extreme upgrade ) CD Player
Hello     what do you guys think about the Wadia 6 the first cd player?       Ban  
Mark levinson no.32 preamp can’t be fully power up
Hello    thank you so much for the feedback/advice.     thanks   mac  
Mark levinson no.32 preamp can’t be fully power up
Hello stereo5.   is there a link or video I can look at to show me how to open up the controller?     thanks   Mac  
Mark Levinson 32 and reliability
My Mark Levinson no32 reference preamp show right channel NC read out. what does it means. With this read i won’t be able to power up the preamp.  please advise or help ..     thanks    mac  
Vintage Krell Amp... Which would you choose?
Hi. Sorry, Those Krell MDA 300s are long gone, ( History ). Now a-day is hard to find those amp. Good Luck .. 
How a pair of Mark Levinson ML2 stands with the best amps today ?
Hi. How's the sound between ML20 compare to ML2?Thanksmac 
Hi.  JeffvegasLook into a Mark Levinson no.32 Reference Preamp to match with your ML23.5 and I promise you that you will stay in heaven forever.ThanksMac 
My Mark Levinson system help
Hi..sine we are talking about Mark Levinson gears.I would like to know if ML-3 still worth to buy. ?( I know his amp is almost 40 year old ). But I like older ML sounds.. please advise thanksmac 
Vintage Krell Amp... Which would you choose?
Hi,I have a pair of krell MDA 300 seating around, one amp's led light is out. Everything else works perfectly. recaps 10 years ago, i hardly use it. keep it for backup only. any interest let me know..  comes with original boxes too.happy listening... 
Mark Levinson no. 20 monoblocks
Hi..My ML no.20s are running with ML326s, sounded beautifully also. Just curious on the sound between ML33H and ML no.20 . 
Mark Levinson no. 20 monoblocks
Hi. George Looking to up grade, is the Mark levinson no.33h a better choice to replace the ML. no.20?Thanksmac 
KRELL FPB 650M MONO BLOCKS ..? is my current sources:Preamp: Krell evo. 202CD player: Esoteric sac x-01Amplifiers: krell fpb 350mInterconnects: Transparent reference XL (s.s)Speaker cables: Transparent reference XL (s.s)Thanksmac 
stereo preamp $2-5K suggestions
Hi.If you are looking for best stereo preamp under $5k, look no further i have two available, MARK LEVINSON NO.326S and 380s many many raving review on line on these two preamp so check it out.. 
Mark Levinson 326s vs Esoteric C03x
Hi.. PeteI would definitely pick Mark levinson 326s.1. Extremely reliable.2. Extremely musical.3. Since you already have mark levinson 335 and Transparent cables so the 326s should be a perfect match for it..happy listening :) :)Thanks 
Krell New Pre-amps?
Hi,My choice: * KRELL 202 EVO. * KRELL KCT