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Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
Because,  McI is PP amp with sharp and metal sound and big power, that you never will use. Too much money for good vision and big power. Better try to listen Single Ended amp and you will sense the difference. 
Bought a new McIntosh amp
.......too much money for sharp PP sound and power, that never you will use.  
Bought a new McIntosh amp
Bad choice...... 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
Send me, please, your email and I will offer You tube preamp with 4 inputs and tone controls. 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
I have 5-6 tube amps my designed by me: speakers are suitable for my amps with power from 8-30 W. 
Newbie Can't Decide Which Tube Amp
Speakers for big power dont mean good Hi Quality. Big power speaker is not for HiEnd. I have excellent . speakers with big sensitivity, that sound with big acoustic pressure with small power from Single Ended. Its big mistake to buy speakers with ... 
Newbie Can't Decide Which Tube Amp
Sensitivity of Your speakers is bad. Id like to advice You a new idea.The best tube amp is cl. A Single Ended SE 2A3, 300B, 6BQ6... with output power about 8-10-12 W,.....not PP McI, Pr. Luna..... and use hi sensitivity speakers 94-96 and more dB ... 
Never Owned a Tube Amp and Want Advice
IMO, the best quality of sound is from tube amp Single Ended 3-5 W with full range speakers more 92 dB , direct connected to outputs, without crossovers, that press the sound. I use 8 inch full range for 50-15000 Hz and 12 inch bass speaker for 30... 
100W, 200W, or 300W?
I recommend You 1000 W to break easy old bide, tub, sinks.... 
Corona playlist- time to smile
Drink Corona beer against Corona V. 
Disappointing On
Main goal of McI is big power. They use Push Pull mode of tube amps, this mode cause sharp and metal sound, like in more PP brand. PP mode consist in output stage 2 big tubes in two shoulders, upper and down. Signal from preamp fase splitter   is ... 
300B SET or EL34 SET
.....Construction SE /pseudo PP/ is my work. 
300B SET or EL34 SET
EL34 is not good, IMO, idea for audiophill listening, it is more for guitar amps with more sharp sound, that people senses like detail. I had SE EL34 and SE 300B, and 300 B is better variant with more wide scene. If You use instead SE output trans... 
Affordable SET's with 211 or 300B tubes, (2000 dolllars maximum)
IMO, brand amps are made with regular parts. DIY hand made unique amp - with Hi quality resistors, caps..... 
Affordable SET's with 211 or 300B tubes, (2000 dolllars maximum)
Sorry....I will add: