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Selling on Audiogon
I do not know why everyone here says us audio mart is free!, they charge 2%!, I know, just sold a cable there, how is it free?, the listing is, not when you actually sell something!  
Taralabs cables
Tara Lab's has come out with a new cable called,  Evolution Concerto, each channel has 216 conductors, excellent speaker cable's for high frequency extension, full midrange, with deep powerful bass. 
Taralabs cables
You should read what a member of what's best form did for a review of the nordost odin 2 versus the Tara Lab's Grandmaster interconnect's!  
Ive recieved an offer for my set of Aerial 7T speakers of $700.00. Should I accept?
The answer is a big no!, there is people that spend all day everyday looking for suckers to buy from and make money off of you!,  lol!, I just got a $250.00 offer on a turntable that's worth $700.00!, frankly,  I'm not shy, told him  That his offe... 
Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2
You can pm email me about the zero evolution cable's.  
Taralabs cables
Happy New Year!  
Taralabs cables
Merry Christmas and happy New Year to ALL, best regards, Audiolabyrinth.  
Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2
Hi,  The muse cable's are smooth and musical,  where the Valhalla can be bright on some system's,  the prat and speed will be a little better with the Valhalla,  however,  the Tara Lab's Evolution zero interconnect's will cream the Valhalla 2 with... 
Taralabs cables
Tara Lab's new muse speaker jumper cable's  at a affordable price,  review coming soon,  A good alternative to bi-wireing. 
Cassette Decks in 2019
I just pulled out my Nachamichi RX-505!, absolutely no hiss!, haven't listened to this ole girl in a long time, needless to say, I was quite smitten listening to this machine mated with a klipsch powered subwoofer,  this machine was clear as a bel... 
Help repairing boat anchor!
I was trying to say Dsp board.  
Taralabs cables
I had a chance to listen to some Tara Lab's head phone cable's,  they take some time to burn in,  they sound very good to say the least.  
Tara Labs Omega vs Transparent Audio Reference XL - comparison
Exactly what does the Tara Lab's cable's say on the cable's?, there are a  few different model's that had the word omega on them, there is different level's of performance . 
Taralabs cables
Has anyone listened to the Tara Lab's head phone cable's?  
What is your favorite High EFF speaker
Sorry, I believe in real bounce,  tricked out cerwin vega DX-9 103 sensitivity doing 30htz with 15" woofer 3 way 4ohms speaker's,  nominal power 450 watts hooked to modified krell 700cx amplifier,   of course this is 1,400 watts per channel of pur...