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Upgrading AudioNote DAC2 older version Help
I guess I have no choice other than replace my old DAC-2 with the new one/ other DAC.Thanks so much 
Upgrading AudioNote DAC2 older version Help
Hi,Is there a big improvement when comparing the upsampling-AN DAC with the non-upsampling one? Because, actually I feel that the one I have (w/ upsmapling) is very musical (although the vocal is more laid-back).Thanks 
Upgrading AudioNote DAC2 older version Help
Thanks for all.Yes, the DAC-2 that I have is the one with oversampling.I try to get more information from Peter of, he is very nice and helpfull. I hope it would be true that the older DAC2 could be upgraded to 2.1x or even the Sig.Th... 
Krell KAV-400xi, how good is it?
Thanks so much for the info 
tube character with pre-amp
Hi,I use SFL-2, but never know anything about SFL-1 or other pre. Recently, I have a luxury to audition some of NOS tube (resonably priced) with my SFL-2 and found:1. Siemens CCa - very musical, might be a bit "thin" (compare to others) in some sy... 
Amperex tubes questions
Thanks so much for the help.PS. To Dogpile, actually I am not sure whether it's A "frame" or "getter". I just use the word "getter" as that word was used to describe some of the amperex tube by some sellers. The labeled on the 7308 is mostly unrea... 
Audience AU24, are they good?
Hi Stanhifi,I just realized you compare AU24 with THE it one of the best reference speaker cables of most If the AU24 is that good, it's one of the most worth-it-to-buy cables then. To Mikesinger,I will upgra... 
Audience AU24, are they good?
Thanks so much for all the inputs, I really appreciate it. Once again, thanks so much.I really could not wait to try them out!! 
Review: Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-IVa
Hi Njp,How do you think the alethas compare to those newer speakers? There a lot of newer speakers (cheaper and more expensive) that have came out since dunlavy out of business. They use more sophiscated parts and have more sophiscated designs!! S... 
Review: Audio Note DAC 2.1x Balanced DA converter
How do you compare the AN DAC 2.1x with the older AN DAC 2 (non-signature)? Can it come close to DAC 2.1x by upgrading it?Thanks 
Used Pre-amp advise please....
Hi Dave,I also just got an offer of VTL TL-5 (not the current version of TL-5.5) for $1000, do you think the SFL-2 better than the VTL TL-5? Thanks a lot (you have been very really informative to me, i really appreciate it). Also, thanks a lot for... 
Speaker Choice for a larger room
How about used the top of the line Dunlavy SC-VI? 
bi-amping Dunlavy IV speakers
Hi,I just forced myself to purchase the Dunlavy Aletha which are also bi-wire-able (Upgrading from Nautilus 805). I use Krell KSA250, KSP-7B, and Cardas Quadlink speaker cables. I am thinking to upgrading the cables since I want to get a more "ope... 
Big Stupid Warm Speakers
How about Dunlavy SC-IV? I myself try to get one too. But, it's quite old, replaced by SC-IVa, and the manufacturer had closed down. 
Is the dunlavy SC-IV still worth to buy?
Thanks so much for all the replies/ infos. One thing I forgot to mention is that my room is only about 3 x 3 meters (probably about 10' x 10'). I understand that according to some people, it would be too small. Then the questions is; is it still o...