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Who makes cables for McIntosh?
Who makes cables for McIntosh?
Sure sorry. What I heard is that McIntosh hired a well known cable company like Audioquest, took their cable, slapped their logo on and sold it as McIntosh cable (just like they made their TT from Clearaudio). Nothing wrong with it, the cable is w... 
Most transparent open & dynamic cables out there?
Yes, but Transparent is meant to be used with Classe/B&W combo and Tannoy is VERY different sounding to B&W! The highs are rolled off big time compared to B&W (I had 802D and 800 Diamond before so I know their sound real well). 
Classe Omega vs Delta
Classe Omega vs Delta
Electro Voice Georgian II speakers
Onhwy61, no that's the original 60's Georgian!. I'm talking about this very different and as it happens ultra rare speaker! 
800 Diamonds are GREAT speakers! Just make sure you have the amp and the room for them. That is critical. 
Best one-chasis CD/SACD player under $15 000?
Stanleylocke, well I would shop around Moscow for starters, most brands mentioned have distributors over here and there is a big used market as well. Buying from american sellers means different voltage etc. Lots of pain in the ass, but there's al... 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
I own 800 Diamonds at the moment. They sound better and better with every small upgrade. Great speakers. 
Classe CA-M 600 vs Electrocompaniet NEMO
Vicdamone, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. 
Classe CA-M 600 vs Electrocompaniet NEMO
Audiooracle, I don't have dedicated lines yet. Could be the source of the problem. The whole living room (studio type) including the kitchen seems to sit on one line - when I plug out the fridge, the microwave etc the dynamics and tonal colours im... 
Classe CA-M 600 vs Electrocompaniet NEMO
Shunyata King Cobra CX vs Anacond Ztron?
Thanx! So you can't really say that Anaconda is a huge upgrade? How about soundstage? Bass? Speed? 
Mcintosh integrated amp MA6600 for B&W 803D
No! Even 803 is power-hungry and doesn't like autoformers. I had a very poor experience with 802D and 6900. The amp went on power guard and switched off numerous times! Forget about Mac unless it's a big power amp or better get Classe, Electrocomp... 
Synergitsic Research Elements or Shunyata Ztron?
Does anyone know if the Black Mamba, Python and Anaconda ICs and speaker cables released before ZTrons are the same sonically?