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Blown away with 2 speakers hifi sound!
- gongli3-And I envy the excitement you portray. Hopefully we have all experienced that at one time or another. 
Blown away with 2 speakers hifi sound!
>>> I find myself not listening to music but to the sound of speakers, if you know what I mean.<<<I know exactly what you mean. I've been an audiophile for fifty years and have heard this statement countless times. The concept i... 
FREE Nikko A 300D Local pickup San Diego
Wow, this completely left my mind until yesterday. Things got crazy here, so sorry. It looks like that thing got tossed. So sorry to waste your time. 
FREE Nikko A 300D Local pickup San Diego
I took a quick look and don't see it here. I think my wife did something with it. Busy just now, but will follow up. Would love for someone to take it. 
Out of phase signal shifts radically
And the solution...Sound got better and had not been a problem until a few days ago. To me it sounded like a mono signal with one channel out of phase (not possible, I know). Test bass would not even align left and right. The left speaker had the ... 
Replace Squeezebox Touch and improvement in SQ
Thanks to both of you. I'm hoping for more perspective on this. I just looked at the file info on the SB Touch. Never realized you could see all that info on bitrate, etc. It does show 192/24 on at least one album. Another from HDTRACKS shows 176.... 
Out of phase signal shifts radically
Bizarre. I've observed some pretty dramatic effects from room acoustics / changes, but this seems to be an exact match with the out of phase signal. The strangest part, to me, is that normal stereo play - though not perfect - sounds pretty good.We... 
Martin Logan Vantage vs. Summit / Summit X / Montis
Forgot all about MLO site. Thanks, will post there. I live in a populated area, but most often buy equipment without listening. Fortunately, most audiophiles tend to be honest (in my experience over 40 years). 
Martin Logan Vantage vs. Summit / Summit X / Montis
I'm surprised there aren't more posts. Your comments are helpful - pretty much confirm what I was thinking. How come you are selling the Summits? 
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
Never heard of them. Played "When the Curtain Falls" on youtube. In the first 45 seconds the lead singer threw his hands up in what can only be interpreted as mimicking a Robert Plant move. Its more than just the music. 
What is your experience with the law of diminishing returns ?
A different perspective...Twenty years ago, when I had better ears and a less expensive audio system, I made a visit to the local high-end store. I had $5k invested in used equipment (ARC tubes, Soundlab Dynastats, HGS sub). Listened to my referen... 
Still looking for an amplifier upgrade- but with a new twist.....
FYI I ran a pair of  Perreaux 2150B bi-amped to push Apogee Stages. They ran nice and warm/hot, but not scary hot. 
Where do I start-amp or speakers ?
I have a pair of FPB200m if you have any interest. One is not working (was working when I bought them). I've moved on to ARC tubes. 
Roger Waters-Amused to Death
I listened to the album 3-4 times before I realized the barking dogs in the first 5 minutes were actually in the recording and not directly to my right and outside the house. Stunningly wide sound stage at no noticeable loss of sound quality. 
The remote for my Audio Research LS-17 stopped working. I purchased a Harmony 650 remote control ($49). It requires a simple online setup that recognized the ARC model. I just tested and volume/on/mute are working. The other couple of functions pr...