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Logitech Duet vs. Dedicated Transport
It all comes down to the quality of the DAC after the duet. The Altmann DAC with the Duet beats any transport I have tried in my system including a Meridian transport, a modified Denon and a modified Oppo. Plus you can't beat the convenience of co... 
Denon 3910 vs Oppo blu ray uni player
I had a modded 3910 and recently bought an Oppo which I had to mod to bring the sound up to snuff. Since they were modded by two different modders I am not sure I can compare the two but I did like my modded 3910 better. However since all my CD mu... 
DAC Questions
Altmann Attraction DAC. 
Music Server with no DAC?
Why not use the Logitech Duet and output that into a high end DAC. That way you get the convenience of accessing all you music via the remote. 
Oppo 83 transport and DAC
I have an Oppo which I use primarily for BluRay movies and concerts as well as SACD and DVD Audio. Unmodded the Video is superb and the Audio is OK. Once modded the Audio and Video are both superb. I rarely use it for listening to CDs as all my CD... 
Oppo 83 transport and DAC
There is nothing wrong with the DACS in the OPPO. What lets it down is the Analog section. Get the Analog section modded by one of the modders out there and you will have a superb player. No need for an external DAC. 
Great new digital inteface
Where can you get one? 
Modwright vs EVS vs RAM vs ASI-Tek, OPPO BDP83
My Modwright modded Denon DVD players has sounded fantastic all these years and now it is being replaced by the Oppo. Still deciding who to go with. Modding these players is well worth it for the improvement in sound. It is like night and day. Bea... 
"Best" multichannel universal player right now?
If you have one of the modders replace the stock op amps and caps of the Oppo player you will have an incredible machine. Great video and audio. 
EAD Processor
I am interested in your upgrade experience too. I have an EAD processor I would like to upgrade. Do you have a number for Noble I can call. 
CDP's being dumped for hard drive driven units?
I have replaced the CDP with a Logitech Duet hooked up to an Altman DAC and the sound is very good (very close to my Modwright modified CDP). The convenience of having all the music at my finger tips is incomparable. The key is getting a good DAC ... 
Benchmark DAC-1, Lavry DA10, Altmann Attraction
I have not heard the Lavry but I have the Altmann and the Benchmark. The Benchmark is like white wine while the Altmann is like Red wine. Depends on what you prefer. The Bechmark is detailed almost sterile presentation while the Altmann is a more ... 
Anyone listening to 24/196?
The Altmann Attraction DAC does 24/196 and is a fantastic DAC to boot if you can live with its looks and batteries. 
Mid-priced warm sounding DAC?
I had Triangle Celiuses and they were kind of bright sounding. Replaced them with Merlins and havent looked back. 
Best Tube Amp under 10K?
I have Dehavilland 845Gs. Same great sound as the GM70s for a little less money and little less power. Cant imagine wanting anything else. The customer service is outstanding.