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Plinius SA102, single versus mono?
This is most likely not what you were thinking about, but it's definitely someting worth considering, IMO. Use the SA-102 in stereo to power the upper range of the speakers, and add a Bryston amp for the bass drivers. You may have to get a "pro" v... 
What Irish music will you be playing on St Pat's?
Which Receiver for Sonus Cremona Auditors
You need the best amplification you can afford in order to take full advantage of the speakers. If I had to go multichannel, I would choose a RMB-1077 Amplifier with either a Rotel pre/pro or an Audio Refinement processor (~ within your budget). I... 
Bryston 4B SST or Plinius SB-300?
I am not familiar with these particular models. However, I owned a 3B-SST and now I have the SA-102 (both are basically scaled down versions of your models). I think it's hard to go wrong with either one of them, the choice being eventually a matt... 
SS Integrated amplifier advise, please
Try Plinius. 
Best monitors under $5,000/system combos
I have the Auditors powered by an X-150. Piano and strings recordings sound so good on them, sometimes it's eerie. They *love* chamber music and vocals. On the other hand, they're less ideal for big orchestras and rock (they do hold their own, but... 
Polk RTi10 vs. Paradigm Studio 20 or Mini Monitor
Try the monitor 40's - just a little bigger than the smaller ones and almost as good response-wise as a full range. 
dear lord, i need help...
Check out the Paradigm Studio 40's. Good luck. 
B&W and Musical Fidelity
I had the N805's with the A300. The combo was a little on the warm side and sounded nice but the speakers only really opened up when powered with a better amp. 
Cycle Conversion
Give this discussion a read. It's long, but there's some interesting information to be found. 
Dali speakers?
Trust your ears. If you like them, that's it. Just make sure to get proper stands. 
"Must-have" SACDs Out There
Carmen McRae - "Fine and Mellow". 
jamo speakers e650
I have not heard that particular model, but Jamo is a well-established speaker manufacturer in Europe - actually one of the largest ones. They are from (guess what?) Denmark. Their product ranges/target markets are in a way similar to Paradigm's, ... 
So I heard some B&W Signature 805s today...
I swapped my N805 (non-signature version, though) with SF Cremona Auditors. I felt it was a significant improvement. A similar speaker (cabinet/drivers) is the System Audio SA2k. Both models are worth a demo. 
Bryston BP-25 vs. Plinius CD-LAD
Thanks for the input. I'd really love to compare either of these pre-s with the one I have now. I'd like to know if they would bring a significant improvement. Plus, will a balanced connection make a big difference?