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Home theater and 2 channel setup from same speakers?
Home Theatre Bypass   For a list of units that have this feature, look here: < >  
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
@fsonicsmith I started in the bike industry in 1989, met Gary Klein at his Chehalis, WA, "factory" in 1988, owned the first neon green Klein Pinnacle, a custom Land Shark, Wicked Fat, IF Deluxe and Davidson Impulse show bike, among others. 😆😜  ... 
American Made Audio Products
Pine Tree Audio <pinetreeaudio.com>  
Dedicated Circuits - Subpanel importance?
I have never seen phase used for anything other than the distinction between single and three phase in the NEC. Which is what we are talking about in reference to someone claiming that there are 2 phases in single phase service. 2 phase power is ... 
Dedicated Circuits - Subpanel importance?
Leg is not synonymous or the same thing as electrical phase. Most residential homes in the US are single phase. One phase of 240V is brought from the transformer and split into 2 x 120V. It’s one wave cycle split in two—2 legs of the same phase. ... 
Dedicated Circuits - Subpanel importance?
@ieales Unless the OP has a 3-phase system (unlikely), don't you mean "leg"?  
My recent experience in PayPal dispute
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to update with my $0.02. In my case, PayPal is giving the seller a free ride and there is still the potential for me to lose both the purchase and extra shipping monies. I purchased a pre-amp and amp fro... 
SET Shootout China VS The USA
Damn. I thought the PL v Raven thread had shut this down ;)  
Speakers for a Large Room (20’x37’)
If you can wait until next summer, and it's in the budget, the new Klipsch Jubilee. I have heard the Jubilee and the new Cornwalls. At low levels, the Jubilees still project so much power, it's unreal. They are effortless.  
All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...
I was there as well. I visited many of the listening rooms but kept coming back to the Jubilees. I was very impressed with their performance in a very small room and their ability to sound great in different listening positions. I felt very engaged.  
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
Well, it sounds like I am pretty damn lucky. My local dealer (70 minute drive) is phenomenal. Always a pleasure to see, never any pressure but always helpful and very knowlegable. There is another hi-end dealer in the same town (they are on the o... 
Considering adding a dedicated 2 channel preamp in setup?
This has been discussed in many threads. Many threads. The consensus, I believe, has been that if audio is your first priority, then yes, adding a pre with HT bypass is a good idea.Check out <http://www.audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/i... 
Just received my new Luxman CL-1000 pre-amp.
#viber6Just a thought, but...Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes  
Helping a kid out
I will match tomic601's donation--same caveat. 
Desktop DAC/Amp
Fully Loaded Ragnarok?https://www.schiit.com/products/ragnarok-1