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One of the great things about Vinyl
I have about 1000 lp's. Some close to virgin, some have lived thru the party wars of the 70's into the mid 80's. I am looking to sell either individually or as a bundle..any advice other than keeping them. We are downsizing and I also own about 34... 
What Gear Has Disappointed You?
Audio Research pre amps  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
It ain't the speakers. I have Acarian Alon 4's, Audio Research LS-16 pre amp and McCormick DNA amp..Very happy with setup..Before my father passed away, he asked me to get stereo room 2 with $$ he left, so when I listened I would think of him. Cov... 
Is Rap a valid musical form?
John Cage 4’33…now that is a beat I can rap my head around  
Is Rap a valid musical form?
Widen the definition perhaps. Symphony Sid coined the phrase vocalese during be-bop. Is the sound of tap dancing music? How about a tonal “classical music”. Here are three great definitions of rap in a wider definition for me: Subterranean Homesi... 
Need help choosing a new DAC
Marlin38 and Terrapin77. I love my Arcam FMJ 23 HDCD player. I was in need of a second DAC and demoed a highly regarded Wadia ( about three years ago.) cost at $4800. I spent two weeks with it comparing to my Arcam which cost about $2300 new. I se... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
Those Focal Utopia’s look sweet…I love their headphones. For my small room I enjoy Tannoy Autograph minis     
Advise for new speakers for my basement exercise room
Tannoy autograph mini's 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Indica and Sativa!...no Magnepan and Acarian/Nola speakers 
Recommendations for speakers that sound great at lower volume levels.
Tannoy mini autograph...but for a mid to small room 
Where are the young audiophiles?
95%?? Where did you get that percentage?  Inflated. When I was 16, I saved and with my fathers help got a nice beginner stereo. His Air Force career started as a radar engineer and he loved electronics. That helped. I had much more money in my fir... 
Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
Yes...for my second dedicated stereo room, which is small, I bot Tannoy Autograph mini and a Rel t7i paired w my old, but wonderful McCormick DNA-1...very happy with this second, intimate system. 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
I had Timbernation custom design for me...not cheap, but great value...stunning stuff 
Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?
I recently made the decision to say goodbye to my vinyl. I have over 1000 lp’s and will keep about 75. If your friend has made the decision to go analog I have an interesting collection that will soon be sold. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Pink Floyd Meddle