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I can do the same with my Roon. But to get the second, and the final MQA unfold, you need a MQA DAC. So not completely MQA you are comparing, and not fair Of course it is unfair. Qobuz is true 24/96/192 where Tidal MQA is at best upsampled(unf... 
My Roon friends report they already can sort albums and have filters for hi-res selection. You can sort for Qobuz Hi Res in Audirvana too!  
Clementine Media player
I haven't tried it recently, but on Mac Clementine was way behind sonically. If you are going to run it via Linux, stay away from PulseAudio and try to use ALSA. If I were you, I'd try HQPlayer and experiment with it's upsampling unless you are ru... 
Mac question
???On a Mac, open the thumb drive folder and just double click the file and it will play. There is no need to open iTunes or add it to the library unless you want to. 
just starting - mac vs. windows computer source?
I love Macs, and use them for everything but my music server. There are different schools on what or why computers, player programs and file types sound different. Although the general consensus is that noise is the primary issue, there appears to... 
M2Tech EVO + Ex Clock + Power supply v Off-ramp 5
If you own an EVO, it is definitely worth considering a clock and dedicated clock power supply. I have not used their clocks, but the ones I have used made a marked difference. 
Converting FLAC to WAV and keeping tags?
Doggiehowser is correct on both posts. I've preferred WAV, but do not want to deal with the tagging issues. I use mostly AIFF, while keeping some WAVs. 
DAC in player vs DAC in computer.
The former reads of of an optical drive in real time, the latter off of a a hard disk in bursts with error correction. Other than that, not much from what I understand. 
Would you use a smartphone as a controller?
I sure would- the limiting factors would be cover art and finding a remote app that you like that also works with your player/OS. 
Anyone playing around with jPlay?
Tube DAC Conundrum
""The issue with digital equipment is that the clocks need to be at thermal equilibrium for optimal performance."I would hope that modern DACs would not be bothered by this too much, if they're designed right."WTF? You must not understand the cloc... 
Need Advice On A Network Music Player
Along the lines of the Bryston, Auraliti PK 90. It is not a network player per se, but an MPD. it owrks very similar to the Squeezebox. 
Radio Paradise -- Good Stuff
Me too! Try KCRW as well... 
Audio out mini-jack of Mac Mini to SPDIF DAC
The mac mini has an optical spdif out built into the headphone jack requiring a special toslink cable that is readily available. I recommend real glass fiber ones. 
Parasound JC-1- Audio signal turn-on function
I never use it. I have found mine to sound best once they have been on for a couple of hours. I wish I had your problem, but the factory service is great if you require it. I am sure it is a simple adjustment on the inside of the amp.