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Looking for phono preamp advice in the $1000 - $1600 range
Check out the Darlington Labs MP8B. It will work with low output moving coils and has an upgraded power supply. I have the MP7 which sounds great with my moving magnet pickups. It seems to be customizable for any coil and setup you have. Of course... 
Free Tip for Jumpers
So if I don't bi-wire, can I insert the red banana up to the tweeter and the black banana up to the base midrange without damaging my speakers? My speakers are Linn Nexus with factory copper jumpers.  
Eversolo DMP-A8 vs iPhone plugged directly to integrated amp - why no difference?
I own the Eversolo A8. Originally, I used it in front of my Audible Illusions preamp. I was amazed at the inprovement when I took the preamp out of the chain and used the XLR inputs from the A8 to my amp. I find the A8 internal preamp sounds great... 
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
@Troutstream I checked our Kit Walker and it's produced by Andy Narrell. He plays steel pans and his albums are some of the best sounding recordings I own. Highly recommend his Little Secrets album from 1989. It has the legendary Bernie Grundman ... 
Subwoofer Suggestions
Make sure the sub you choose hs line level inputs. Do a search to see the wiring diagram. This takes the hard to drive low frequencies load from the receiver and uses the powered subs amp to drive the lows. I think this set up provides better dyna... 
Eversolo or Aurender: Options and Opinions
I forgot to mention the A8 has an equalizer for active room adjustment.   
Eversolo or Aurender: Options and Opinions
I've been using the ever solo A8 since it was available. I've never had any trouble with the software and it's always been very solid and easy to use. The DAC sounds better to me then my gustard r26. The internal analog preamp replaced my Audible ... 
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
JABBA   Tanks for the Trijntje Oosterhuis recommendation. Love what I've heard so far.  
Subwoofer Connection
Hsu sub using high level inputs from your amp  
Best Cartridge you have heard on a Denon DP62-L turntable
I have the AT540 and have always thought it to be a little bright sounding with my rigs. I haven't tried it on my Denon DP62-L yet.  The table came with a vintage Empire 999VE/X on the straight arm that sounds great but  doesn't want to stay in t... 
OPpo 205.... Awesome !!
Have been using the Oppo BD-103 with my LG OLED with amazing results! Not one hiccup in either since purchased new.  
Could Class D really be that good?
I have been using the  LSA Warp 1 Class D in my system since last September. The Warp 1 also uses the Texas Instruments TPA3255 “Purepath” Class D circuit. I replaced my second Willsenton R8 with the LSA Warp 1. I was using the Warp 1 to drive a c... 
Kind of Blue
I like the album Something Else with Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley. Anything that came out of Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey at that time sounds great. +1 on Ben Webster as well.  
Qobuz vs. Tidal
I have the Eversolo DMP A8. I couldn't figure out how to delete tracks on my Qobuz phone app. Right clicking on the Qobuz desktop app allow me to delete tracks. It's much easier to edit playlist on the desktop app.  
Purchased a used Shure V15 Type IV cartridge, looking for stylus
I went for the Jico SAS with Boron cantilever for my Shure V15 Type 3. Sounds great to my ears. Tracks like a dream. I am using a vintage Pioneer 707 table and am getting excellent vintage results. It sounds just like I remember the hi end systems...