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NEAR Speakers Indentification
Post a picture of that driver if you can, maybe we can help find a replacement.  
NEAR Speakers Indentification
Fingers crossed the drivers in those towers aren’t of the same Magnetic Liquid Suspension design.  There’s no way any of those still exist that don’t have all the ferrofluid evaporated out of them after 20 years.  I’m totally fine with being wrong... 
NEAR Speakers Indentification
Looks like they still make those funky drivers. If you Google “NEAR spiderless driver with magnetic liquid suspension” there’s an interesting video about the design from the company. https://youtu.be/a1OkbPwAeBU  
NEAR Speakers Indentification
They are NEAR Soundmast speakers. They originally had a sock for a grill like the Definitive Tech speakers or Vandersteens. They are worth about a hundred bucks and honestly were never that great. Every pair we ever sold a zillion years ago had is... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Kimber 8TC  
Cambridge CXN V2 or Innuos Pulse Mini?
+1 for keeping the Node and investing the funds on a nice DAC and USB cable.  There is a lot of performance still left in the Node for you to uncover and the DAC will be ready to go once you retire the Node.  
I can't believe this.
curiousjim- I’m not sure where you are getting your information from in regards to “the parts situation” being “pretty much caught up” because that is absolutely without a doubt not the case.  I am in the electronics business and I have multiple ... 
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
Elac debut 2.0 b6.2  Kef Q350    
Maybe also consider the Marantz 8805a.     https://www.marantz.com/en-us/product/av-separates/av8805a/    
Anthem, without a moment of hesitation.  The Yamaha is a nice but decidedly mid-fi at best component.  The Anthem is in an entirely different universe.  
Storage of other speakers in the room, shorting them while not in use? Myth or true?
Wait…now?  Haven’t we all been doing this already?  Now I’m embarrassed.  
Owners of Carver Crimson 275 -Caution/Warning--Potential Increased Risk of Electric Shock
So just to play devils advocate, and to potentially obtain some useful knowledge, I own both a Marantz NR1200 and a Cambridge AXR85…both amplifiers house in metal casework and neither have a ground pin on their power cords…why is the Carver amp an... 
How much is this subwoofer worth?
The value of those older car audio subs are primarily driven by condition and rarity.  These aren’t very hard to come by but built like tanks.  You never stated what kind of shape yours is in but if its ‘new in box’ it could be quite valuable.  If... 
Streaming virgin
I’d stay clear of the headphone outs and Bluetooth as neither of those options are going to sound very good.  Digital streaming from a quality device dedicated to the task has the potential to introduce you to some truly outstanding experiences fa... 
Best Mesh WiFi System
Does the “rather large house” have any sort of CAT prewire?  Any properly implemented system of hard wired access points will always outperform a wireless mesh setup no matter how good it is.