Wow an old album that rocked your world

I know this is a Hifi forum but isn’t it about the music as well. Has anyone recently played a
Vinyl, disc or whatever you are into. One that you forgot was so good and totally was blown away by the music and the recording? If so share it with us. Mine was Mahavishnu orchestra Birds of Fire. Have not listened to that for some time. Wow. FORGOT HOW GOOD THAT WAS. 
This is what Hifi is all about IMO. 
I believe it was back in the mid 70's when hi-fi shops were plentiful before the big box stores ran them all out, I went in to one of our local shops to audition some JBL L-100's. The salesman put on Heart's Dreamboat Annie album, flipped the loudness switch on the Pioneer receiver and played the Crazy On You cut.  First time I ever felt bass pound me in my chest. From then on out I was hooked on audio.  
I have most of the albums listed above, and I do listen to them.  Some get placed into a more current rotation.  And then, change the rotation, and so on.  I believe a few very important ones were missed.  Try these... Alan Parsons Project (all of them), Emerson Lake and Palmer (Brain Salad Surgery), Steely Dan (Aja), Stevie Wonder (Inner Visions and Talking Book), Led Zeppelin (all of them), Roxy Music (especially Avalon), Super Tramp (especially Crime of the Century), Jethro Tull (especially Stand Up and Aqualung), The Beatles (all of them), and the list can go on.  Bottom line, there is so much wonderful music from the late 60s through the end of the 70s.  Not that I am stuck in that era alone, but the OP did ask about "an old album that rocked your world".  These all rock my world.  To all, be safe & healthy, and do enjoy the music.
Shawn Phillips: Most albumsDead: Have favorite versions of specific songsWho's Next, It's a Beautiful Day, Hard Days Night,
Buddy Guy and Junior Wells  Play the Blues. Best concert I've been to.Buffalo Springfield Double Album.Just found In the Court of the Crimson King and The Bluesbreakers with Clapton at a used music store on cd for $5 each. I listen to CK when I'm walking, pulling weeds, or watering plants.

William Royal on Tikva T-29  Sings Romantic Music of the Jewish Theater.  Best Yiddish song collection I enjoy listening to (out of 42,000 LPs/CDs/78s).