Wich 300B valves to buy????

Hi guys!

I'm thinking about rolling some 300B tubes on my Line Magnetic LM-508 integrated amp and my budget is around $250 to $350 for a pair. Top $400.

Today I have the Golden Lions 300B and I prefered them over the Shuguang WE-300B Replica that I also have. I find the Shuguangs more refined, but a little thin sounding compared to the GL.

Eventhough GL are very well rewarded among audiophiles for their price point, I was thinking about trying some other similar priced and good 300B valves. The thing is that there are "too many" options (JJ, Psvane Cossor, Psvane T-II, Psvane UK Sound, Shuguang Black Treasure, Shuguang Nature Voice, TJ Full Music, etc) and so little information and reviews on Internet that I would like to know if anyone of you have tried "very" good 300B valves on this price range ($250 to $350 for a pair) and your experience with them.  

I know some will recomend KR, Psvane ACMEs, EML, Sophia Royal Princess, etc, but they cost two to three times more and they are out of my budget for now.

Please I would appreciatte answers from people with real experience with the tubes they recomend. I'm not interested on turning this thread in a technical discussion. Thanks!!!