Why does my Adcom GFA-2535 blow fuses?

I'm trying to run an NHT AudioCenter 1 with the B side of an Adcom GFA-2535. It runs fine on just one side, but when I bridge it, one or both of the internal fuses blow after just a few seconds. It's an 8 ohm speaker, and is hooked up as stated in the manual. Any suggestions???
Bridging the amp means that the 8 ohm speaker (is it really 8 ohms) looks like a 4 ohm load to each side of the stereo amp. This ought to be OK.

Are you sure the speakers are 8 ohms?
Are you sure the fuses are the correct value?
If it keeps blowing fuses, then it's most likely one of three things: short in the cable, power supply cap or output resistor.

To trace a short in the speaker wiring, check that no cable connectors are touching. If ok, then disconnect all cables and turn on unit in non-bridged mode. Then flip the switch to bridged mode (if the manual says otherwise, then forget it). If the fuse doesn't blow, shut down and reconnect with new speaker cables and check all connections prior to turning on.

If the fuses still blow, then the only thing to do is have it serviced - it's either a power supply capacitor or an output resistor that's shorted. If it runs okay on one side with the bridged switch off and still pops a fuse when the bridge mode is on, then it could be a resistor short.
Thanks for all your help...I'm going to have it serviced because I'm pretty sure it's either a resistor or capacitor short. Appreciate the help, now I know what to look for when they tell me what the amp needs!
And yet another resurrected thread from almost 16 years back ... @jays I also recently acquired an Adcom 2535, wonder if you were able to get it working properly and any other feedback or advice you have on that piece? Thanks!
Good lord, jays has 5 posts to his name in 15 years.  I don't think he's around, you'll have to either get it serviced, shelf it or trash it.