Which is better : Marantz AV9000 or Anthem AVM2 ?

Which is better for 2 ch audio: Marantz AV9000 or Anthem AVM2?
I owned an AV9000 and found the 2 channel to be narrow and hollow. It was ok for surround, but I was blown away when I upgraded to an EAD Encore. I have not heard the Anthem AVM2, but be sure to listen to it before buying if you can.
I have not heard the Marantz but own the AVM2 powered by an MCA5. My goal in purchasing this combo was to get the best sound possible (within my budget) for two channel listening and being able to use it for H/T as well. I have had my AVM2 for 8 or 9 months and I am very pleased with it. The build quality is excellent and I think it sounds great in two channel applications. By the way, my speakers are B&W N805.
Both the AV9000 & AVM 2 had been on my short list. The Marantz had the nod on price & the Anthem on performance and features. In the fall of 01 I went to purchase the Anthem & my dealer suggested I check out the new Anthem AVM 20. I did and I bought it. I remain very happy with the sound quality. I have this matched to the MCA 5 and find it very musical. I am using the unbalanced inputs at this time & unbalanced outputs to the amp, yet it is dead quite. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 100 v 2.
I had a Marantz AV9000 for a while and did not dig it too much. I thought that it was a step back sonically from the Parasound 1800 that i had just before it. Like anything else though, you will have to see if the units you consider have the features and sound that you are looking for in YOUR system. Out of the two that you listed, i would probably put my bet on the Anthem. The AVM-20 is probably even better, but of course, it is also newer and more money. Too bad it doesn't have a phono section, or i'd buy one right away. Sean