What speakers work with low wattage class A amps

Hi everyone. I am setting up a system and have been really impressed by some low volume listening I was able to do through a class A amp. Class A amps usually have lower watts in a given price range, and are not as practical for big power. What speakers have sensitivity that would make sense for an amp with 25 Watts or less (eg some of the entry level class A options from Pass Labs)?  Are we limited to horn speakers? The speakers I have are said to require “high current amps”. Is this a factor as well? Thanks for your help. 


I spent all day yesterday listening to my Fritz Carbon 7 SE speakers powered by a 3.2 watt Sayes 2a3 SET and that amp drove the Fritz’s beautifully

The Harbeths as a group are very efficient and a favorite among the Harbeth users. I have 2 pair of p3 xd and 30.2 demo if you might be interested. Don

Altec-Lansing 604-8G drivers in a 620 9cf cabinet. Classic that will sound good with 25 watts or less.