What IC to replace OTA?


I've been a happy user of 47 Lab's OTA wire for the last 4-5 years. I have it in my AC cord, speaker cord and interconnect. As for the interconnect, I fashioned it with 1 lead for hot and 2 lead for ground and using Eichmann bullets on the ends.

The only time the system has improved "cable wise" was when a friend brought over a pair of Ridge Street Audio Poeima speaker cables. These were clearly superior cables I thought. They gave my speakers more air and plumpness which were welcomed additions to my monitors.

However, I have floor standers that sort of overpower my room now, so I am not sure whether these attributes are still what I am looking.

Anyways, my problem is that my IC keeps breaking. I need an off the shelf solution. What IC out there can I replace the OTA ICs with?

I appreciate help from people who previously replaced their set of OTA ICs.

I am looking at Morrow Audio, Slinkylinks, Eichmann Express, and Ridgestreet Audio. I think I prefer second hand though.

My cable philosophy is uniform impedance, purity of material, and less is more in terms of interconnect ends and insulation.

Can't go wrong with Poiema by Ridge Street audio...Been a fan of Roberts'cables for many years....... and of coarse Robert himself ..........