What happens when the stylus tip wears out on a $12,000 cartridge?

There is no shortage of stereo phono cartridges with 5-figure price tags. What do you do when the stylus tip wears out? Do any/some/all manufacturers of these cartridges provide or offer a re-tipping service? Or do you just lay out another 12 or 15 grand for a new cartridge? Sorry for my ignorance - the Denon DL-103R/Lithium Audio Musikraft shell I currently use is the most expensive cartridge set-up I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a couple re-tipped by Soundsmith in the past for $200 - 300. What do you guys at the other end of the price spectrum do?

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What could be offered as a simplistic method ??, as a means to experience different Cantilever Styli assemblies would be on where the Joint Pipe projecting from the Armature, was a Threaded Stub.

A Cantilever that is commonly seen inserted into the Joint Pipe, can have an assembly where the Joint Pipe is internally threaded and pre-bonded into the Cantilever.

This would leave the connection of the Cantilever to the Armature as a method not needing adhesives, which should then have a set up where Cantilevers are at much less risk of being damaged when exchanging.

The idea of not using adhesives, will make a Cantilever exchange much more predictable and possibly more affordable, hence making the idea of experiencing differing C'lever>Styli forms a easier one to ponder.

A Third Party Service could quite easily produce a Cart' that enables for this to be part of the design, and could have a sales model in place that prior to purchase enables the buyer to have a option to experience different configurations, such as Styli Type, Cantilever Material, Connector Sleeve Material.

Everything I have learned about Cart's especially MC's, leaves me of the view the Styli form has the least overall impact on the sound being produced. 

The most that influences the sound being produced in order, is the Magnetic System chosen, the Coil Wire Type, Damper Material Type and the overall structures function, as a result of materials chosen for the Cart's assembly.

All that I have experiences of, leaves me of the view, that if there was a Cart' with  Cantilever Part, that had a bonded threaded sleeve as the coupling to Armature method. If this was able to be supplied in a variety of materials, there will be materials used that will show a noticeable difference to a sound being produced.  

Or forget such ideas, maybe sticking with with what is a time served proven method, ' if it isn't broke why attempt to fix it . '

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Use Stylast on every play and the issue will never come up. My dealer looked at my 5 year old Benz under the microscope and said it looked brand new. This thing got daily use.

* Also sounds better.

This won't help with enthusiastic kids or cleaning ladies in which case Benz will rebuild your cartridge.