What does Audivana do that TIDAL "Exclusive Mode" does not?

I am currently running TIDAL on my MacBook Pro. I have TIDAL’s "Exclusive Mode" on so hopefully the digital signal is going straight out the USB port to a RME ADI-2 DAC without IOS messing with it. If that is true, why would something like Audivana be any use to me?

Thank you
i got Audirvana so I could manage me local files as well as stream Tidal. Audirvana integrates my subwoofer perfectly. Without Audirvana the pacing is not right on the subwoofy no matter what I do or where I move it. Audirvana states that the app does correct some phase and sound reproduction issues. I wish it had room compensation built in on a Mac... Windows 10 natively does although if you use REW or another prgram and a microphone you can load an AU Plugin and it does work ... I tried with my laptop mic and a trial program...it sounds good.
Audirvana bypasses the audio mixer and assumes exclusive use of the wasapi driver on the Windows 10 box.  I use Qobuz not tidal so when I compare Audirvana vs the Qobuz app, the sound is noticeably improved with Audirvana.  If you visit their website and review the technology section it explains the CPU processor controls and other components of the interface to reduce noise.  It does not lock in or limit bit rate and sampling. I do not use mac so can not offer experience with that OS. My solution was to download the free trial, and listen. My ears heard the improvement.  Good Luck. 
The Qobuz app let's you go exclusive too. Never better than ditching the Janelle Monae box for a HiFi streamer through a Bright Angel or better.
Foobar2000 does most of it for free.
Sorry apple slaves.