Wells Audio Majestic Integrated Amp

Has anyone heard this integrated; if so impressions?
I have had the Majestic for a week now and am very impressed with it. I sold a VAC Sigma 160i SE to buy it. After 70 hours it has really opened up, I do not feel as though the sound of my system has suffered at all since changing from the VAC which is also a terrific amplifier. I am using the Majestic with a Salk Streamer, Salk Sound s8 speakers and an excellent Lampizator Lite 7 dac.
Very nice! I was watching some video about the Innomorata integrated from Wells Audio- anyone using this model? If so, feel free to list your impressions.
I have had the Innamorata for about a year and I love it. I have 2 Usher R1.5 running bridged and there is no comparison. The Innamorata opened up the sound stage, removed what I realized was a strident sound and provided better depth and spacial cues. Very much worth the $.

what other gear, CD/SACD players are compatible w/ Wells Audio?
Cabling?  Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I am using a Salk Streamer, the Lampizator Lite 7, and some excellent Dana Cables with the Majestic. The combination of these with my Salk Sound S8's creates a sound that is very rich and detailed.
DanaCables here, as well, with my Innamorata Sig... But it's  more important to have compatibility between speakers and amp. One could go with practically any disc player you liked.