VPI Prime Scout vs Transrotor Max

Hello Everyone:

I am a new member.

I own a VPI Prime Scout and I am very happy with it! The turntable sports a Clearaudio Artist v2 Cartridge, and I run it through a Musical Surroundings Ponomena II+ Phonostage. 

I am very happy with this configuration at my level, however, while visiting my local audio store, the Transrotor Max caught my eye and I am considering buying it. I have a couple of concerns though. I believe that my VPI's Tonearm is superior to the one that comes with the Max. To be clear, I plan to transfer my Clearaudio Cartridge over to the Transrotor. Also, I realize that this is a very entry level turntable for Transrotor, but it seems strange to me that Transrotor would choose NOT to include the Max on it's own website. Why? I'm also having trouble finding good reviews and info on this model, and can't find any end user reviews. 

While I am interested in the Max because it looks cool, (IMO), at the end of the day, good quality in sound and build are what matters to me. I certainly don't want to take a step back in quality.

I am interested in wise thoughts and comments please.

Thanks guys.
I just replaced a VPI HRX with an EAT C-Sharp table/arm combo for $3k new. It looks and works amazing and sonics are equal to the VPI. Another option you may want to check out.