Volume Control Needed between DAC and iLoud MTM Studio Monitors

So I want to make sure my thinking is accurate and I am chasing the right issue. I have an older HRT Music Streamer Pro connected USB from my desktop PC then balanced XLR out to my new iLoud MTM studio monitors. Here is the issue - the volume is so high that I get very little control via the digital volume on the PC. The output gain from the HRT DAC is 4.5V, there is also gain control on the iLoud MTMs (The +4dBu / -10dBV input sensitivity button allows connection of the speakers to high-output professional equipment without risk of input overload). Finally in the HRT spec sheet it alludes to the following, "... the MS Pro, like the MS II and MS II+, has a fixed output, so it needs to be used with some type of analog attenuation". Again I am looking to be able to control a wider range of volume - right now my Windows volume is loud after 6-8 (comfortable is 4-5). I looked for an analog attenuator and found the item below on Amazon.

First - am I chasing this issue properly? Second is the Behringer volume attenuator below (found on Amazon with reasonable reviews) a good solution (given I would have XLR balanced in from DAC and out to speakers. ---- THANKS!





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