Very Best Bootlegs

I've been collecting bootlegs all my life, since I was a very young teenager, on LPs, Cassette Tapes and CDs.

In all these years the best bootleg I've ever come across is the Rolling Stones' Black Album. A double CD offering featuring a cross section of the Stones' works including some live performances from the Bridges to Babylon Tour.

Additionally it features some recordings made at Toshiba Studios in Japan which are absolutely fabulous. Leading me to believe this is one of the very best studios in the World.

My second place recording is Steely Dan's Metal Leg. Rare due to the fact this band didn't do that many live shows and this one has exceptional energy even if I could only give the SQ 3.75 stars out of 5.

A wonderful concert captured in time from the soundboard.


I've got an utterly blank-labeled two disc LP live set of Bowie recorded during his Ziggy Stardust days. All it's got in terms of identification is a hastily glued-on album cover with a photo montage of Bowie in full Ziggy Era regalia. Sound is mediocre. Bowie and the band are spectacular.