Venus 30th aniversary hybrid sacd 11 SACDs

I just received the box via FedEx 4 hrs ago.After playing them with my Marantz Ruby Sacd with my Redrose r3 Speakers. 550 supercharger mono block musical fidelity. They sound so quiet with analog textures, Though I paid $400 plus tax. I felt it’s a good buy, they sound terrific.I also have the vynil version.




what are the 11 SACD titles?  Nice system!


Happy Listening!

Here is the track listing - Got it off of an eBay listing -

Number of configurations | 11 pieces

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. So In Love/Sir, Roland Hanna Trio (C.Porter)

2. Blue Sky/New York Trio (I.Berlin)

3. Alone Together/Ted Rosenthal Trio (A.Schwartz)

4. Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Rob Agerbeek Trio (Trad)

5. Dark Eyes/Anna Kolchina (Trad)

6. Mood Indigo/Eddie Higgins Quintet Featuring Scott Hamilton & Ken Peplowski (D.Ellington)

7. Dos Gardenias/Bob Kindred Quartet (I.Carrillo)

8. It Don’t Mean A Thing/Vladimir Shafranov Trio (D.Ellington)

Disc 2

1. On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Alexis Cole & Bucky Pizzarelli (D.Fields, J.McHugh)

2. I Got A Rite/Hairam Bullock (H.Bullock)

3. The Hawaiian Wedding Song/Simone & Her Hawaiian Jazz Band (Ch.E.King, A.Hoffman, D.Marning)

4. Beautiful Love/Eric Alexander Trio (V.Young, W.King, E.Van Alstyne)

5. You Go To My Head/Phil Woods With Strings (J.Fred Coots)

6. Tina/Pharoah Sanders Quartet (P.Sanders)

Disc 3

1. Be My Love/Charles McPherson Quartet Featuring Steve Kuhn (N.Brodsky)

2. Fire Waltz/Brian Lynch Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra (M.Waldron)

3. Dos Gardenias/Nicki Parrott (I.Carrillo)

4. Django/Steve Kuhn Trio (J.Lewis)

5. Moon Was Yellow/Eddie Higgins Trio (F.Ahlert)

6. That Old Black Magic/Three Tenors (H.Arlen)

7. Sunshawer/Joel Frahm Quartet (K.Barron)

Disc 4

1. Magic Of Love/The Moffett Family Jazz Band (Codaryl “Cody” Moffett)

2. Filidia/Super Quintet (R.Draper)

3. So In Love/Ken Peplowski Quartet (C.Porter)

4. Metti Una Sera A Cena/Danilo Rea Trio (E.Morricone)

5. Untitled #5/Dan Nimmer Trio (D.Nimmer)

6. Violets For Your Furs/Archie Shepp Quartet (M.Dennis)

Disc 5

1. Always/New York Trio (I.Berlin)

2. The Masquerade Is Over/Claudia Zannoni With Strings (A.Wruber, H.Magidson)

3. Deep Read/Massimo Farao And The Jazz Magicians Orchestra (C.Chiara)

4. The Way You Look Tonight/Vladimir Shafranov Trio (J.Kern)

5. Love Came On Stealthy Fingers/Massimo Farao Trio With Accademia Arrigoni’s Strings Orchestra (B.Dorough)

6. Baubles, Bangles & Beads/Champian Fulton Trio (R.Wright, G.Forrest)

7. C’est Si Bon/Harry Allen Quartet (H.Betti)

8. Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Konrad Paszkudzki Trio (J.Van Heusen)

Disc 6

1. The Summer Knows/Harry Allen Quartet (M.Legrand)

2. The Fall Of Love/Dan Nimmer Trio (D.Tiomkin)

3. Beautiful Love/Anna Kolchina (V.Young, H.Gillespie)

4. George’s Dilenma ~For Max Roach/Joe Farnsworth Quartet (C.Brown)

5. Get Out Of Town/Konrad Paszkudzki Trio (C.Porter)

6. Moon And Sand/Luca Mannutza Trio (A.Wilder)

7. Perfidia/Nicki Parrott (A.Dominguez)

8. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (Under Paris Skies)/Massimo Farao Trio (H.Giraud)

Disc 7

1. Tango/Nicki Parrott (E.Egemann, A.Gaertner)

2. Rosalina/Claudia Zannoni (F.Concato)

3. Stranger In Paradise/Simone Kopmajer (R.Wirht, G.Forrest, A.Borodin)

4. All Of You/Champian Fulton Trio (C.Porter)

5. Lover/Bill Charlap Trio (R.Rodgers)

6. How High The Moon/Vladimir Shafranov Trio (M.Lewis)

7. Brownsburg Blues/Eddie Higgins Trio (E.Higgins)

8. Eleanor Rigby/Emil Viklicky Trio (J.Lennon, P.McCartney)

Disc 8

1. Like The Brightest Star/Three Tenors (H.Allen)

2. Comes Love/Alexandra Shakina (L.Brown, C.Tobias, S.Howard Stept)

3. Take Love Easy/Alexandra Shakina (J.Latouche, D.Ellington)

4. Laughter In The Rain/Nicki Parrott (N.Sedaka, P.Cody)

5. Bright Moments/Eric Alexander Quartet (R.Kirk)

6. The Dream’s On Me/Steve Nelson Jazz Quartet (H.Arlen)

7. You Taught My Heart To Sing/Claudio Chiara Quartet (M.Tyner)

8. Estate/Eric Alexander Quartet (B.Martino)

Disc 9

1. Blue Moon/Nicki Parrott & Ken Peplowski (L.Hart, R.Rodgers)

2. Gnid/Enrico Rava (T.Dameron)

3. Girl Talk/Joe Beck Trio (N.Hefti)

4. Nardis/Richie Beirach Trio (M.Davis)

5. Lullaby Of The Leaves/Nicolas Montier And Saxomania (B.Petkere)

6. Cry Me A River/Archie Shepp Quartet (A.Hamilton)

Disc 10

1. Luiza/Massimo Farao Trio (A.C.Jobim)

2. The Look Of Love/Nicki Parrott (B.Bacharach, H.David)

3. Amapola/John Di Martino’s Romantic Jazz Trio (J.M.Lacalle)

4. Glad To Be Unhappy/Vladimir Shafranov Trio (R.Rodgers)

5. Pavane For A Dead Princess/Steve Kuhn Trio (M.Ravel)

6. Wise One/Eric Alexander Quartet (J.Coltrane)

7. Black Is The Color/Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio (Trad)

Disc 11 (Bonud Disc)

1. Manha De Carnaval / Joe Beck Trio

2. Beautiful Love / Eddie Higgins Trio

3. Charade / Steve Kuhn Trio

4. Solfeggietto / Cyrus Chestnut Trio

5. Summer Night / Richie Beirach Trio

6. Autumn Leaves / Vladimir Shafranov Trio

7. My Heart Belongs To Daddy / Alexis Cole

8. Under Paris Skies / Nicki Parrott

9. The Darkness Of Your Eyes / Tessa Souter

10. Blood Count / Phil Woods Quintet

11. A Felicidade / George Garzone and Trio Da Paz

12. What’s New / Francesco Cafiso New York Quartet

13. Lonnie’s Lament / Pharoah Sanders Quartet


Jafant this recording and music are so live sounding, I rate them the best SACD disc I have , they have more air than my esoteric sacd collections.