Velodyne ULD 15 mk II Help with servo amp

My 400 watt servo amp is due for some much needed service after many years of use. I assume that is will be gone for at least a few weeks.
The questions are:
1-Where's the best place for service? Or just send it to Velodyne? I do have some locals in Pittsburgh who are good.
2-Can I use a good mono amp with the sub? The sub currently has both the servo, RCA, wire from the amp and a speaker cable. I have always had both sets run to the sub. My mono amp obviously doesn't have the servo control. Will it work without damaging the sub? Any alternatives?
Thanks for the help,
If I recall correctly, Velodyne is not servicing these models any longer - though obviously, check that with them - they are a very friendly company. The most common issue with those amps is a blown output transistor. If the amp fuse keeps blowing when you turn the power on - that's very likely the problem. It's a mildly tricky job, but if someone local can test and replace transistors, you don't really need have Velodyne do it. My guess is that Velodyne probably used to just replace the whole circuit board rather than the individual transistor(s), and they may not stock them any longer.
Thanks folks. I appreciate the input. The amp is working, the volume is beat and the sub sounds very slow and muddy.
Isn't that how they usually sound??? Just kidding :)
Hmmm... I would call Velodyne Service about that and describe the symptoms. They probably can give you some diagnosis over the phone. Whether or not they still do this I don't know - but a few years ago, if you had a Kaput ULD series and they couldn't repair it, they would cut you a very good deal on a new DD series. And I mean VERY VERY good deal - like flat out wholesale - about half or less $$$ of the List Retail.