van nuys californa

I recently moved to van nuys california from Long Island NY where I recently belonged to a audio club for over 6 years. I am involved in audio for over 38 years also. I was a Mggie owner for most of my life also. Would anyone out there be interested in starting a club or where can I belong to one.? My name is Marv I am looking to make new friends.
there's the los angeles orange county audiophile society i'm not a member but have heard that they're a pretty big club.

aloha keith
Well Marv, I'd be pleased to be your second member. I live in North Hollywood and can't be bothered with the traffic involved in getting to L.A. or Orange County society! I may know others too. Please email me and we can talk about it.
Hi Marv, my name is waiman and I am a newbee in audio (just 1 yr). I live in glendale but working in Van Nuys.
May I join in you guys?
The web address for the Los Angeles/Orange County club is:

Don't dismiss it just because you live in the valley. The club travels to different venues all over LA and OC. The last event was at Brooks Berdan's place out in Monrovia, which isn't that far from Glendale.
Take a look at their website and you will see that they are worth looking into.
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