Van Halen Hagar Remasters?

Has anybody heard if Warner Bros. is planning on remastering the Van Halen CDs with Sammy Hagar as the singer? 5150 and 0U812 sound extremely poor and it would be a good way for Eddie and Alex Van Bonehead to bring in some cash. Sammy's solo efforts have not been commercial successes by any means, (no marketing) but the music he has made since his departure has been outstanding.
a good remaster of any Hagar Van Halen recording would be to erase it and destroy all known copies. Van Halen only released 2 albums in my world.
Dsk, which VH albums would that be? I & II? I find that hard to believe that you only hold regards for two of their releases, all six albums with David Lee Roth are excellent. I also like the Hagar VH albums as well.

By the way, has anyone here compaired the remastered (HDCD)CDs to the orginail CDs?
They sound bad because they are bad! Some of the worst rock music ever made. Yes a good remaster would be to erase ite! Yuck! Visions of mullets ans Bud Light. The first three VanHallen record are pretty close to great! It's just my opinion, but I know I'm right. Please throw away any "Van Hallen" record with Sammy Hagar as the singer.
Sammy has always been a meathead,date rapin,frat boy type rock guy(his tequila is very good though)...and Dave in assless leather chaps takes the cake...he was VH...they would have been just another cheesy LA bar band without him...I would say the first four are indispensable...Diver down being the crap that it was...and is...c'mon...might as well jump...i dont think of the worst singles of all time...Women and Children First is a great one...