Van Den Hul Hybrid Revolution

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Here is a mini review of the Van Den Hul Hybrid Revolution speaker cable.

First off, this is a large cable. It is a "shot gun" configuration - one lead for the positive and the other for the negative. From what i gather it is a silver and carbon hybrid.

Part I - bi-wired, on the bottom
The sound is can be synergistic with the right speakers and where it is used. This cable started off with my alon II's on the bottom end ( cardas neutral on the top). This is a awesome bass cable - no if ands or buts. I have yet to hear better bottom end from any cable. I did try it on the top of the alons and it was not a good match. however in a biamped /biwired configuration with the cardas neutral is was awesome.

Part II - single wire
I changed out the alon II's for Audio Physic Libra's- Similar to the virgo II but but bass,dynamics, and more revealing.

this was a better match than the cardas neutral ( this really surprised me). I think the speaker is wired with silver so that might be it. As for the sound - very firm bottom end, very fast, firm, and full. The mid and the top has a nice "shimmer" to the top end that allows the detail to come through without being bright. The imaging and dynamics is first rate.

COnclusion- speaker and gear dependant.

Works well and as a "fast" bottom end cable or as a "fast" silver single wired cable. it does not have the thiness that is associated with silver. it is a full bodied cable

imo,It does like tubes somewhere in the line. Might be too bright with metal domes and all solid state (that is my my observation based on speaker designs with a metal dome and the other with a silk dome- your mileage may vary).

Associated gear
PSE Studio V mono blocks
PSE HL-1 & Audible Illusions IID ( phono pre)
Marantz sa-8260
Sota star / ET 2 / Aurum Beta
Alon II's with vandersteen 1 stands
Audio Physic Libra
Straightwire Crescendo IC's ( mostly used )
XLO signature 1.1
Discovery Plus 4

popped in a elecrocopinet 4.6 pre amp while the pse hl-1 is being upgraded... sounds wonderfull..

I was searching for reviews of this VDH Revolution hybrid and found one here. I am surprised this cable is now 20 years old, perhaps close to 2 decades. Damn.