Value of Nelson Reed

I'm hoping someone can offer some guidance here.

I have a pair of Nelson Reed 8-02/B speakers that I plan to sell but haven't a clue as to their value.

I've checked the blue book section of this site but no mention of the brand. No luck with ebay either.

Any help would be appreciated.


I USED TO have a pair and they sold for something in 800-900 range. A great speaker, great bass, howebver, the 804/C was better with a better top end. Well built speaker though. Ultimately, whatever the market will bear.... Jallen
I agree with Jallen. I previously was offered a pair of 804/C for $850 with a spare set of ATC mid-domes (one working, one requiring re-cone).

Unfortunately they were too far from me to consider (AZ). Let me know if/when you consider selling yours as I may be interested if you are closer to Chicago.

Hi Marcel
I have relisted the Accutons but your question was lost when it expird. I have three pairs, shipping per pair to the US is about US$240 for a 12 Kg parcel. Please post another question and I will Email you.