VAC preamps - Renaissance MkII

Does anyone know what the minimum amplifier input impedance that the VAC preamps will work with?
I'm looking at possibly matching a VAC Ren.II preamp to an amp that has a low input impedance of 10kOhms. Sometimes this can be a problem.
Similarly, do any of you VAC amplifier owners happen to know what the input impedance of your VAC amps is??

Thanks for your help.
i'm pretty sure the VAC renaissance pre's are made to be able to drive tough lower impedences, as low as a few hundred ohms according to the owners manual. I owned a mark I for a while, and it was the best pre i've ever owned. very dynamic, very transparent, but also liquid and a totally 3D soundstage. awesome awesome pre.
I own the preamp, first off it is the best pre I have ever owned just does everything right. I have the Phi 110/110 amp and I'm very happy with there performance.From the Renaissance Signature Pre Mk II manual " The line stage is, in effect a small class A1 power ampllifier, capable of driving loads as low as a few hundred ohms. This is a stark contrast to normal preamplifiers, which claim a low output impedance but completely collapse when asked to deliver current. The Renaissance Signature circuit is loafing with a normal load in the 10,000 to 200,000 ohm range, delivering an effortless, musical performance." The pre is also built like a tank totally quiet and if you get one with a phono stage you are set for life.
I have a VAC Renaissance MK. II Signature with phono & a pair of VAC Renaissance MK. III Signature 140 monoblocks.
I run them with a pair of Sonus Faber Stradavari's & the sound is magnificent!
VAC makes some of the best amps/pre amps on this planet!
The VAC Renaissance MK. II Signature is probably the best pre amp on the market today & will open new doors for you & your system.
I might seem biased, but "I LOVE VAC!"
Kevin sure knows what he is doing & doing it right.
I would suggest that you call him to make sure of your purchase beforehand.
Hello again,

I got onto the VAC website and found the exact same wording in the manuals of both Renaissance preamps...

Thanks again.