Upgrading - - recommendations monitor speaker?

well upgrading might not be the appropriate word but maybe resizing will :p

what i have now : Mirage OM-9 2 times.. Mirage BPS 150i
drivin the OM-9 with my Bryston 2blp pro amplifier!

this is my personal room setup ..
used mainly for music/movies/games from my HTPC

what i would like is to go with a smaller studio like pair of speakers coupled with a different subwoofer..

first reason is that i've been trying to accoustically treat my room and there is just nothing that i can do that will give me a really good sound
then the OM speakers are going in the living room for home theater with a new TV :)

i would like to have recommendations on a really really really good pair of monitors that i could use for myself..

i need something that will play somewhat loud and still give me a great feeling from the larger sized cabinets..

will be powered with the bryston 2b for now..maybe i'll updgrade amplifier later on!

i am not afraid to buy used.. i have a budget that range into the 600-800$ USD for the pair and maybe 300-500$ for a good musical subwoofer!

thanks for your time and input! :)
If you're not afraid to buy used you may want to consider the Snell KII/III that are listed on this site. Nice wood veneer cabinets and I believe they have 8" woofer w/soft dome tweeter. Nice Spks. (I believe they have the same VIFA drivers as the J/IV, which are very fine loudspeakers, only in a bookshelf design.) So many fine choices, just thought I'd mention the Snell's. You may want to check out the new Snell E.5's. I've read positive reviews about them. Hope your search works out for you! Bill
600-800$ will get you a pair of fine monitors...I would suggest Spendors,Epos,Quad L series,Castle,etc...I tend to like BRit monitors...which have that open, airy midrange quality...maybe a little lean on bass...but you are planning on adding a sub anyway..good luck...
proac tablettes. i have been running them with an old m&k sub .....sounds great to me.
I would HIGHLY recommend the Quad "12L" speakers. For new you can most likely find a dealer that will sell for around the $800.00-$850.00 mark. Full range sound with tight "punchy" bass that will amaze you.

In addition the cabinetry and piano finish are world class.

The first time I heard them, I bought them!

I know some good Quad dealers in Southern California and N.H. that would most likely give you a decent price. Email me for further info.

Happy hunting!

I agree with got2buzz...I own the Quad 12Ls as well...and they are a remarkable bargain considering sound and build quality...they are however very revealing with electronics and recordings...you will hear everything..."warts" and all...but on a stellar recording...they transport you "into' the music...
ok cool i'll look into the Quad 12ls ..
maybe i can get a good deal on a used pair!

what subwoofer for music?

i also use it for movies so i want something that i can turn on a little when watching movies :)

but i absolyutly need something fast..

my BPS150i from mirage is really nice..just a tad on the slow response time for tight passage ..
it is also rather hard to place right since it's bipolar configuration makes some bass problems for the room's modes.. :( ( well in a small room neway )
Is there any small electrostatic monitor or small sized speakers that have great definition ? i would maybe be interested in that just for the kick :)
eheh ..

need to find somewhere to listen to speakers ( someplace where they carry a few different brands..gee hehe )
Again...the Quad Ls have that heritage due to their ELS cousins...they are extremely quick and detailed...and are designed for accuracy over extension...although the amount and quality of bass will surprise you...not ALL Brit speakers are lean...they are also very dynamic, and can play moderatley to loud if needed...and do it clean...I do like Spendors...but the 3/5 didnt have enough low end for my needs...I wanted to avoid a sub....
i like subs :p

what about canadian manufacturers? any hot monitors in that range?
the only one that really stands out is the Paradigm Studio 20...good imaging, very good transparency, a bit "hot" on the treble...and a touch loose in the bass...but for around $500 what do you expect? For a little more I would still go with the Quad 11L...they are really the monitor to beat below 1k...the 12 can compete with monitors in the 2k and above range...
If you want to go used...PSB minis for around $500 used are not a bad choice...a little "boxy" sounding...but with a smoother hi end than Paradigm...bass isnt the tightest I have heard in the price range...but they are surprisingly musical...I wouldnt pay 1k for them...but they are a good used buy...then again...you are still in the ball park of the Quad 11L,Dynaudio 42,etc...