Update on room correction systems?

I am about to dive into room correction and have been going over the threads and some are years old. Given rapid changes in room correction does anyone have input on the latest models of Lyngdorg RP-1, DEQX, Dspeaker Dual Core, and others that I should consider that will preserve air, bloom, liquidity etc.- Ideally having actually listened to these units and compared them? I have all digital sources. Is it important not to do the extra ADA and put between transport and DAC, or is between preamp and amp OK? Any products that do the job well that I have not mentioned and are reasonably priced new or used?
I have found speaker correction to be more important, achieving better results than just RC. Even the most expensive speakers benefit from this. I have had them in rooms at shows. Some room correction is helpful for bass resonances, but the SC elevates the whole system.

I have found Amarra to have the most transparent tools for this. In addition to being an excellent USB player, these tools are indispensable.

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I have used several hardware devices for crossover and RC. None of them were really transparent. They all impress their sonic signature and compression on the music.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I use trinnov and find it to be 100% transparent. They will be releasing a consumer oriented version of their 4 channel unit shortly, which has multiple digital inputs. Search for trinnov Amethyst. It also had a digital output so you can use with an audiophile outboard Dac if you want.
Price had not been announced yet. Based on current pricing of the st2 pro unit (which I use), I think 7k will be in the ballpark. It also supports network streaming. No idea how good this will be in comparison with using a high grade s/pdif input, but if it is of the same level, you can save a bundle on your digital source.
Me too! I need a good digital room correction interface be it hardware or software. I prefer all digital so I won't waste the unwanted built-in D/A and A/D converters. Something automated will be preferred; aside from correcting in room response I will like the impulse response corrected too. Dirac seemed to have removed the beta version of their Live Room Correction suite from their website. Have they discontinued it or are they working on an official version that can output 24bit/196khz. Will the Arc system work well? Anyone has an experience with the Arc? I wonder whether I can use playback softwares like the Amarra or Puremusic on top of the Arc. Since the Dirac software will be displayed as a plug in in the audio midi I know you can use Pure music or Amarra before it and the best part is that all audio streamed from the computer will be equalized for output. I have sent enquiries regarding the Arc system 2 and Dirac but I have yet to receive a single reply.