ultraverve vs. premier 17LS

Anyone had a chance to compare these two beasts? I currently own the cj, but am extremely curious about the dehavilland.

I have a Premier 17LS2 and my friend had the $4500 deHavilland linestage (not sure the name/model no.) which he modified (teflon caps) and upgraded substantially. When he heard my CJ in his system, he promptly found one on Audiogon and sold his deHavilland. No real comparison. Note that this is the "2" model and I'm not sure what an Ultraverve is. For what it's worth. Dave
I had the pleasure of owning the Premier 17LS first version, till I went integrated. One of the finest components I have used, clean crisp non fatiguing sound. The widest soundstage I have experienced. I believe the 2 version was only introduced because capacitors used in the first were discontinued. Either will be a great choice I think. Like Dave I have not heard the Ultraverve