TWO custom built subwoofers

Hi Audio Junkies!

I built TWO beautiful subs from the DIY instructions from Sander Sassen.

I veneered the cabinets in Macassar Ebony and finished them with automotive lacquer.

The rear flush-mounted amplifiers are Hypex (USA electric specs) DS 4.0, class D amplifiers.

These are a passive sealed system design and the specs are stunning. The woofers are the Danish designed (same as for Faber...) Peerless XLS 10 inch.

I am running my main speakers ADS L1290s that are rebuilt and the crossovers also rebuilt with updated components (wall mounted---CA earthquake country)and BOLTED into the wall studs with chains and thumbscrews into the cabinet rear (which was internally reinforced). They are finished in WHITE MAPLE (WAF)!

OK, here's the question for all of you...
Can I (and/or SHOULD? I???) place my rebuilt updated solid state Citation 16 amp on the floor and feed it with the speaker leads that that are piggy-backed from those that feed into the woofers of my main system...AND then feed the amp on the rear of the subs?

Please help if you have ideas how to realize the BEST form this set-up!

vincent in CA
I don't know your setup, but if possible I would run two sets of interconnect cables from the preamp, one to main speaker amp and the other to the subs.

A few questions that might help us, how much power is your Hypex class D sub amp and how does it's crossover work as far as input capabilities and adjustment?