Turner Audio of Australia?

Tube amplification, to speakers, to repairs and customization. Had never heard of them before - and have certainly never heard their stuff (I don't live down under :-) - but I got a kick out of reading around on their website today when I stumbled over it during a search. Hard to tell just how much of a 'cottage' company this may or may not be, but I enjoyed Mr. Turner's unusually direct and unadorned writing style, and there's a lot of grist here for those into technical explication and opinion-giving (though not nearly enough for those more into florid sound descriptions). The USD prices listed are refreshingly reasonable for what is obviously a lineup of hand-made-to-order products. Anybody know firsthand about this guy and his gear?
Hi Z:
Patrick Turner is legit. Knows a fair bit about transformers too.
You can often find him at the site below. I've not heard his work though.


If you ask at this site you are likely to find folks who have heard of his stuff. There is also an ausi hi fi forum if you are interested and folks know him there.


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