Tucson/Phoenix area: Audible Illusions techn work?

I have an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A for which I need to change the voltage from 120 to 220... Does anyone know of any shop or competent technician in Southern Arizona that that could do that? Your help would be much appreciated.
As odd as it will sound, Tucson TV (something like that) in the shopping center at 4500 E Speedway would be worth asking. THey are obvioulsy not a high-end shop, but they fixed (an easy problem with) my Halfer Transnova amp and also fixed a wiring/shorting problem with my old Thorens turntable/arm. You could at least ask them--he'll give you an honest answer. Good luck! (I have no interest/etc in Tucson TV, just my experience with them).
Factory Exchange Price for us to install a multi-primary transformer is $75 plus return shipping. If you wish to have your technician do the work and keep your old transformer we can sell you the multi-primary transformer for $125.
Regards, Jerry-AI's Service Tech