Tube rolling advice-Manley Stingray-Help?

The Stingray is my first tube amp and I thought I would try some 'rolling. I searched the archives and got a reccomndation of Electro-Harmonix el84's with Mullard preamp tubes (I assume those are the 12at7's) This was reported to have better and wider sound staging, deeper layering and midrange detail "To die for". Since I listen to a lot of female pop-rock-and folk singers and their price is right, I may give them a try.
Does anyone else have a tube suggestion for this amp?
My preferences for el84's are Mullard first, telefunken 7189 next(ggreat substitute with more dynamics)and last would be amperex bugle boys.
Telefunken 12at7's are unbeatable.
Can you tell me what characteristics the Mullards have that make them your favorite? I understand the Telefunken tubes (12at7's) are extremely "clear" sounding. As a newbie to tubes, that sounds good to me.
Thanks, Scott
I can't say about the el84 but the Telefunken 12at7 I have tried both the 801s and regular 12at7 and the 801s has quite a bit less body than the 12at7 ( I.M.O. ).Both are excellent 12at7 tubes, but if your system is really analytical the Telefunken could be a touch lean. The 801s even more so.In my opinion the best all around 12at7 is the Amperex Bugle Boy ( Holland or France ). It has all the detail the tele has and A more natural, organic sound.Hope that helps!
Yes, thanks Amperex has also been mentioned for the Stingray. I don't think I want lean here so that's good info. Still wondering about the Mullards especially for the pre (12at7's) upgrade. They are a tad pricey to pop for 8 of the EL84's but for the 2 pre's-no problem.
Anybody got a sense of what the Mullard 12at7 sounds like in comparison?
I've aslo tried the 6201 ( 12at7 )Gold pin Mullard and found it sounded like someone layed a blanket over the speakers. Too dark sounding for me. Many like the Mullard 4024 ,but I haven't tried them .
Another 12at7 thats pretty cheap and sounds pretty good ( but not as good as the B/boy ) is a Jan Ge 12at7 ( green print ). Mid 80s vintage. Kind of a sleeper.
Sorry to be slow, but my reason on Telefunken 12at7:
The are full bodied, I haven't found any weaknesses in the bottom or top ends, they run virtually forever and really don't color the sound. The GE's really rock but aren't as musical. Mullards may have a slightly sweeter top end but at the sacrifice of bass and sheer rock. The amperex don't seem to have as much detail.
Thanks all for much helpful advice. I think the only way to tell what sounds right to these ears is to get some tubes and get started rolling.
I think I will start with the Telefunkens if I can find them.
Thanks, Scott