Tube or solid state rectification

In regards to tube preamps and amplifiers what are the benifits of tubes for rectifiers? and what advantage if any with interstage transformers in place of a quality coupling capacitor such as a vcap or mundorf? High end tubegear seems split with these choices.

I like tube rectifiers more because the ones I've heard
usually sound more natural and musical.I've have not been
able to compare enough of the interstage transformer amps
vs. coupling caps.Freinds of mine that like high end Triode
amps lean toward transformer coupling if design permits.I
don't think anyone could really say one is better than the
other in every case though.
I had a Cary CAD300 SEI integrated. It had solid state rectification. The Cary 300B monoblocs have tube rectification. The general consensus is:
Solid state rectification gives better bass.
Tube rectification gives a more "romantic - tubelike"
sound, and the ability to advertise "All Tube Amplifier".
My BAT VK31SE preamp has solid state rectification.
I think it sounds great. And my long term reference is my Pass X1, definitely no slouch.
The new BAT VK32SE has tube rectification. That means (6) "supertubes" at $300.00 each when you re-tube.
My VK31SE has (4)"supertubes".
That's an $1800.00 re-tube for the VK32SE, instead of a $1200.00 re-tube for the VK31SE.
This means a re-tube for the VK32SE costs almost as much as a used Pass X1.
You do have the option of not using the "supertubes",
then you can find tubes for $20.00 each. I'm using these tubes now, they sound probably 90% as good as the "supertubes", to me.